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How to increase your credit score

Easy ways to raise your credit score Unless you are exceedingly wealthy you have to make monthly payments on your debts, which can include mortgage payments, loan payments and credit card payments. The manner in which you take responsibility for making sure your payments are paid on... More

How to retire on a limited budget

There are hundreds of ways you can have a great retirement even when you don't have a ton of money. Thousands of people retire every year only to find themselves depressed. The dream of free time with no restrictive schedules slips into the reality of constant expenses and less income to cover... More

How to improve your credit score

Five steps to a better credit rating. There is one little three-digit number that can influence many of your financial decisions and choices: your credit score. Your credit score is based upon your past financial decisions. It's also a number which potential creditors use to guess the financial... More

How to make extra money

Make some extra cash for your pockets In a shaky economy like this one, finding ways to to earn extra money will come in handy. While this is something that everyone wants, not everyone knows what it takes to get there. A well-thought-out plan is required to lead you to the right... More

How to buy a USPS money order

United States Postal Service includes money orders A United States Postal Service (USPS) money order is a finacial instrument that allows payee recipients of the money order to be assured the value of the funds is guaranteed. This is because USPS money orders are paid for at the time of issuance... More

How to Build a Credit History Fast

Improving credit score efficiently Credit history is used by financial institutions and lenders to help determine the risk level a potential client poses. Without a credit history it can be difficult to acquire a loan whether it be a credit card, car loan, education loan or even financing from a... More

How to obtain a free copy of your credit report

There are countless commercials and online advertising that offer consumers the opportunity to request their credit report. Nearly all of these advertisements state "you an get your free credit report" and in the fine print, a consumer finds out that they must pay for some type of service. These... More

How to find real online jobs

The ads for online jobs are numerous. "Make $1500 an hour working from home." "Earn six figures working just five hours per week." "Quit your day job in two weeks and retire a multi-millionaire." While ads boasting of huge income for little work are often too good to be true, real online jobs DO... More

How to deal with collection agencies

Credit collection companies make money only when you begin paying off old debt. However, not all collection agencies operate within the guidelines set up by the Fair Debt Collection laws that protect consumers. Collection agencies will generally call you one (or more) times daily, and this... More

How to Lower Your Home Heating Bill

Save money with home heating improvements Lowering heating bills becomes more of a priority in winter where cooler climate temperatures can frequently drop below freezing. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates 43% of home utility costs are comprised of heating expenses. This means lowering... More