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How to make amends to someone you have hurt

As humans we all make mistakes All of us are human, therefore, we all have done things to hurt someone at some point in our life. Whether it is a small mistake or a large transgression, we are aware of it in the small recesses of our mind even many years after the fact. We... More

How to show someone you love them

Discovering how another person shows and accepts love While most people can understand the direct words, "I love you," there are other ways of showing love that you can gear toward someone's personality. Dr. Gary Chapman refers to how people show and accept love as a person's "love... More

How to move on after a separation

Moving forward. Often, the separation itself is the painful process of deciding that two members of a couple can no longer walk the same path. It's hard because of emotional attachment, though once the individual realizes the opportunities afforded by separation, it's easier to move onwards.... More

How to avoid an identity crisis

What is an identity crisis? 'How to avoid an identity crisis' involves knowing and understanding, what having an identity crisis actually means. If, or when, a person fails to achieve an ego identity during adolescence, it is referred to as an identity crisis, according to Erik Erkckson. At this... More