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How to play goalie in soccer

Follow these tips to improve your skills as a soccer goalkeeper Goalkeeping is one of the most important jobs for a player to do on a soccer field. The goalkeeper is the very last line of defence against the opposing team and it is his job not only to stop the ball from going into the net, but to... More

How to play partner dodgeball

A great variation of classic dodgeball Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge, the 5 D's of dodgeball. When most people think of dodgeball they think of two teams, on opposite sides of a gym, throwing balls at each other and trying to dodge any balls coming their way. While this is a popular way to... More

How baseball managers should plan for the World Series

Small market teams can't compete. It's the Yankees and a few other teams vying for the world championship, while teams like the Royals and Athletics play 162 glorified minor league games a year, then lose their best players to the richest teams. This sentiment could not be farther from the... More

How to choose a racquetball racquet

Get the right racquet Without a racquet, you cannot play racquetball. Without the right racquet, you cannot play your best game. Getting the right racquet is not always easy, but the effort it takes to find the right racquet is well worth it. Racquetball racquets are designed for different hand... More

How to deal with umpires

Umpires can decide the outcome of a game in more subtle ways than making a call on a close play to end a game. An inconsistent plate umpire, a bad call early in a game, or an "automatic" strike on a 3-0 pitch that was clearly a ball can potentially get into a team's collective head and... More

How to clean a bike chain

Introduction This guide will present two methods of cleaning your bicycle chain. Method one is cleaning the chain on the bike and method two is cleaning the chain off the bike. The on-bike method is quicker and should be used for normal cleanings during the riding season while the off-bike... More

How are free hits awarded in field hockey?

Field hockey is a sport that remains true to its rules. It involves two teams of seven players trying to knock a ball into a net, taking after the very similar ice and street hockey. The main difference, of course, is the fact that field hockey is played on artificial turf, normally indoors. As a... More

Five things to consider when setting up deer stands

Trying to increase your chances of taking down that big buck this year? Have you been scouting out that 8-point's territory and think you have just the right spot for a deer stand? There's no doubt a deer stand can increase the chances of bring down the big one. The following are a few guidelines... More

How to replace ski boot liners

After many days on the slope, ski boots begin to “pack out”.  This means that the padding of the liner has been compressed.  The volume of padding can be far less than what you started with.  Now your once snug fitting boot is a very sloppy fitting boot.  A good... More

How to prevent running injuries

It's quite common for people who are quite new to running to end up with various aches, pains, and injury problems that eventually convinces them to give up and try another activity. It's a shame because most running injuries are preventable if a few common sense steps are taken. There are... More