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How to get the Lady Gaga look

Lady Gaga has hit #1 on the charts in six countries, started piling up one accolade after another as fast as she can accept them, and to top it all off Lady G has inspired some of the hottest fashion trends around right now. If you're a fan of Lady Gaga, or just a fan of her style, you can pull... More

How to make a purse from old blue jeans

Create a beautiful purse from your worn out blue jeans When your favorite pair of blue jeans reaches the stage that you can no longer wear them, you don't have to throw them in the trash. The seams in the top part of the pants are very strong and you can make a denim purse that will complement... More

How to Scotchgard Uggs

Keep your boots looking new! The purchase of a pair of Ugg boots is not a small one. It's quite an investment. Therefore, one will want to keep them looking as if they are brand new. Fortunately, there is a way to keep your Uggs in great condition. The steps are simple, the items you need are... More

How to choose the right height of heel for your outfit

Getting it right Choosing the right heels to go with an outfit is difficult sometimes. There are so many different types of heels out there and deciding really is difficult. What matters is the overall look created. By following the guide below, you can make decisions which help the overall look... More

How to choose winter boots for men

Boots to see you through winter Choosing winter boots for men can be a chore. Not only do they need to look stylish, but they also need to be capable of withstanding the winter weather. There are several different kinds of winter boots and in an effort to help someone make a decision about... More

How to replace the battery in a Relic ZR11812 watch

Why pay a jeweler money to replace the battery in your watch when you could do it yourself? A simple watch repair kit only costs about $20, which can certainly save you money even after only one or two uses. Replacing the battery in a Relic Bailey stainless steel watch can be done in under 10... More

How to make fake blood for a Halloween costume

Making your own fake blood for a Halloween costume is easy and economically smart Whether you need fake blood for a vampfire, zombie, or another costume, making it is easy and only take a few minutes of your time. Generally, the fake blood purchased in a Halloween store can be thin, runny, and... More

How to apply smokey eye makeup

The smokey eye The smokey eye look has become a staple within the makeup and fashion industries. It is apparent that this dramatic look is here to stay, appearing on models walkng the runways for several years now. There's nothing pretentious about the smokey eye look either, as it can be... More

How to care for a cartilage piercing

Proper care of cartilage piercings is essential to avoid infections and scarring. Cartilage piercings require more healing time than piercings that just go through the skin. A cartilage piercing can take six months to one year to fully heal. Fortunately the care required for a cartilage piercing... More

How to walk in platform shoes

Getting a ladylike walk in platforms When makers came up with the notion of platform shoes in the sixties, suddenly there was an opportunity for girls with shorter legs, to give the illusion of having longer legs. They are basically shoes built upon a platform, and learning to walk well in them... More