How to apply smokey eye makeup

The smokey eye

The smokey eye look has become a staple within the makeup and fashion industries. It is apparent that this dramatic look is here to stay, appearing on models walkng the runways for several years now.

There’s nothing pretentious about the smokey eye look either, as it can be incorporate in your makeup regime for day time as well as evening.

To create the look of the smokey eye only takes a few easy steps.

The following steps of creating that smokey eye look will show you just how simple it is to fit in with the trend.


How to apply smokey eye makeup
Step 1

Pick your pencil

Begin with brown or black creamy eyeliner pencil to outline your eye. If you are fair-skinned, opt for the brown pencil.

Think of outlining the eye similar to that of an artist sketching on their canvas. Lightly outline the upper and lower eye. Depending on your preference, you can be heavier handed for a dramatic night look.

Step 2

Sketch the rest

Fill in the crease above your lash line and join the upper and lower lines to meet the outer edges of the crease. You should then blend the crease and outline with either your finger or the rubber tip that is included on certain eyeliner pencils.

Step 3

Start off light

Brush on the lighter shade of shadow as a highlighter over the entire upper eye socket, from the eyelid to the brow. It actually softens the crease you created with your pencil, thus giving a more natural appearance.

Step 4

Dark is next

Take the darker contour shade and apply it from the outer corner the lower eyelid and continue to the crease. Keep the color intense and deep on the outer corners of the eye and have the shadow gradually fade towards your nose. Accent the crease with the darker shade. By doing so, your smokey eyes will have a longer life span, appearing fresh the whole day.

Step 5

Blend with medium

At first, the image you see may appear too stark between the light and dark eye shadows on your lids. This is where the third shade in your palette makes its entrance. Use the medium shade as blending agent between the highlighter and contour. Begin at the at the crease line and blend, blend and blend until you have achieved the perfect smokey eyes.

Step 6

Finishing touches

Curl your lashes with a lash curler and add your favorite mascara. You now have the look of the season that is sure to become a classic in your makeup routine.

Things Needed
• Brown or Black creamy pencil eyeliner
• 3 palette eye shadow consisting of a dark, medium and light shades
• Eye liner pencil
• Eye shadow applicators
• Eyelash curler
• Mascara


• Add a smudge of the contour shadow over the creamy eye pencil to help avoid running, especially if you have oily skin.
• Using powder shadow will help set your eyeliner. An added bonus is the shadow can hide any imperfections when applying the liner with a shaky hand.
• Apply your smokey eye makeup in layers, always taking your time.
• It is better to have the look too light than extremely dark and heavy unless you are seeking the Lady GaGa look.
• Superior shadow brushes can make a real difference in the quality of your smoky eye. They are worth the investment and last for years with proper care.
• For a higher concentration of color application, choose shorter fiber bristle brushes to create that dramatic definition.
• Change your smokey eye look from day to night easily by using a liquid liner instead. Add some sparkle on the outer edges of your eyes with liquid metallic or powder, blending lightly towards the nose.
• Experiment and try different eyeshadow colors and discover your own style with the smokey eye look.


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