How to care for a cartilage piercing

How to care for a cartilage piercing

Proper care of cartilage piercings is essential to avoid infections and scarring.

Cartilage piercings require more healing time than piercings that just go through the skin. A cartilage piercing can take six months to one year to fully heal. Fortunately the care required for a cartilage piercing is not difficult or time consuming.


Step 1

Always wash your hands before cleaning any body piercing. Soak a cotton pad with warm water and wet the area around the cartilage piercing.

Step 2

Apply a small amount of an antibacterial soap to the pierced area and gently work up a lather with your wet cotton pad. Allow the soap to remain in contact with the pierced area for one minute or more.

Turn your piercing jewelry as you are cleaning to allow the liquid to reach the inside of the piercing.

Step 3

Using a damp cotton swab loosen any discharge or crust in the area.

Step 4

Rinse the entire piercing area well and allow it to dry naturally. Clean your piercing two to three times a day for the first three days or as recommended by the piercing provider. After the first three days cleaning once or twice a day will prevent over drying of the area.

Always completely rinse any shampoo or bath soap away from the piercing after a shower.

Step 5

Alternative cleaning method

As an alternative iodine free salt or sea salt can also be used for cleaning a cartilage piercing but do not use this method within the first few weeks. Dissolve approximately � teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of warm water and use in the same manner as the antibacterial soap

Things Needed
• cotton pads
• cotton swabs
• anti-bacterial liquid soap
• Optional: iodine free salt or sea salt

Tips & Warnings
• If your piercing becomes infected seek medical care.
• Do not use ointments that can clog the piercing openings.
• Do not use peroxide to clean your piercing
• Do not change your jewelry until your piercing has healed.
• Keep you hair away from ear cartilage piercings.
• Do not tug on your jewelry or allow it to get caught in bedding or towels.


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