How to choose the right height of heel for your outfit

Getting it right

Choosing the right heels to go with an outfit is difficult sometimes. There are so many different types of heels out there and deciding really is difficult. What matters is the overall look created. By following the guide below, you can make decisions which help the overall look of your outfits to set them off at their best. The choice is so vast that often ladies need a little help in that final decision of the type of heel.


Step 1


The stiletto heel is a real love it or hate it thing. Those that love them seem to get away with wearing them even with jeans that are close fitting, although if people of non level-1 size try it, it looks ridiculous. Walking in stilettos is hard work, and unless you are skilled in it, don’t even go there, because no matter how well they go with the dress, you won’t look that great stumbling around with difficult heels. Confidence always makes a woman look better, and choosing shoes that give you total confidence is a better option for those that can’t get on with stilettos.

Step 2

High Heels

These are the higher kind of heels though not stiletto, the difference being that the base is wider. If you want heels to go with an outfit, and can’t get enough support from stilettos, these are a better option. They work well with most outfits, though are not that practical for country use, where better options are available for under boot fit jeans. With high heels as well as stilettos, beware of strapped shoes. They look great but unless the heel is well balanced, and the straps firmly attached can twist your ankle.

Step 3

Low Heels

For those ladies fortunate enough to have been born with long legs and plenty of height, why kill yourself with high heels. Flatter heels go well with dresses and make a lady look really graceful when they are tall.

Step 4


For extra height to go with a skirt, and especially with minis, these are the best of both worlds. They give you height, make your legs look longer, slope the foot gently and instead of just supporting the heel, they support the whole foot with the heel area being incorporated into the whole sole. Great for with skirts, super for office wear, because the benefit is that you can wear them longer without strain.

Step 5


These are super for with jeans. They give you extra height so you can buy longer jeans, giving the impression you are taller. The whole foot is supported and the only disadvantage is if a platform shoe has a Velcro fastening, because Velcro can come unstuck when you twist your heel, and make you prone to fall over. The flexibility of heel sizes means you can wear different lengths of gown, dress, skirt or jeans, and if you are dressing up for a really special occasion, do take note of what height you can afford to wear without the dress being too long or too short. Try on several at the house to determine which work well, and choose that height in the shop.

Step 6

Comfort and quality

Make sure that you can walk comfortably in those heels without wobble, and look for good quality fastenings, as these may save you from an unfortunate fall or embarrassing moment.

Things Needed
• Color co-orination
• Ideas on style
• Ideas of what goes with lengths of outfits
• To have your shoes measured

Tips & Warnings
• Always ensure that you wear the right kind of garments to try the shoes with.
• Carry a stocking sock so you can try the shoes with the same thickness of hose as you would wear with them.


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