How to choose winter boots for men

How to choose winter boots for men

Boots to see you through winter

Choosing winter boots for men can be a chore. Not only do they need to look stylish, but they also need to be capable of withstanding the winter weather. There are several different kinds of winter boots and in an effort to help someone make a decision about which suit them, these have been split into different categories:

*Overland and walking boots.
*Dresswear boots
*General casual winter boots

Choosing the right ones can make the world of difference.


Step 1

Overland or walking boots

For those men that do a lot of overland hiking, the boots have to be a good make and have the resistance to dampness that makers like Timberland offer. Their boots are made from good quality backed by experience, and their walking boots for winter are no exception to this quality. They have been in the business a long time, and the only thing that may make you decide against Timberland is the limit on the range of colors available. Their level-1 light tan doesn’t suit everyone, and if you are looking for a darker boot or more styles, then the range made by The North Face are very good quality and do offer the choice of styles and color. Both of these makers are well known boot makers, and there are others. The Sorel range of boots for example offer lighter weight boots for those gentlemen that don’t want heavy duty boots, but that do want the same functionality

Step 2

Dress-wear boots

During the winter period, a man wants boots to keep out the cold, but also that are resistant to the wet. For dress-wear boots of all kinds, the choice available at Sheplers cannot be beaten. Here, there is a full range from casual right through to evening wear that will be great for the winter season. They use good quality leathers and have also been in the business for many years. Their website offers fast delivery, and you can contact them to talk about the differences in styles, if you are concerned about choosing between a couple of pairs.

Step 3

General casual wear boots

Here, Sheplers again offer casual winter boots of quality. The styles range from cowboy winter boots to fairly plain ropers in different colors to wellingtons. The ropers are a good choice for the winter, since these are half length boots with great firm grip soles for the slippery period of winter, and their price range is vast.

No matter what kind of boots you are looking for, there are quality boots at reasonable prices, and the decision is more a question of what style of boot you are looking for, and what occasions you would be wearing them for.

Even for office use, the boots available on sites like Sheplers offer comfort for the winter and adequate protection against the weather, though do remember when buying any winter boots that they do need looking after and polishing or cleaning regularly to make them last longer.

Boots vary from stylish to comfortable for walking, and there are boots out there to suit every occasion, and help the man not only look his best, but put his best foot forward in a warm and cosy manner.

Step 4


Remember that winter boots may need to be a slightly wider fit to take account of thicker socks. It’s always advisable to establish your correct size before venturing out to purchase. Get a local shop to measure your feet and to tell you if you need a wide, slim or normal fitting boot.

Step 5

Soles and materials

Find out what the soles are made out of. Leather soles are particularly slippery, and may not be the best choice for the winter period. For hiking boots find out the weight of the shoes, and what materials they are made out of. The difference is that some are made with breathable materials.

Things Needed
• A size guide
• A check book
• Ideas of styles

Tips & Warnings
• Opt for quality only. This may cost more, but it will last better in winter weather.
• Never buy sizes too small just because that’s all that’s left in the style you like.
• Shop around, and check online prices with offline high street prices.


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