How to find the longest lasting nail polish

The benefits of professional nail products

Professional manicures and pedicures tend to last much longer than at-home treatments due to the caliber of products used. By investing in some high quality professional nail products, you can achieve a salon quality nail treatment at a fraction of the cost. Polish will last longer, with less chipping and peeling when professional quality products are used.

Outlined below are some of the most popular nail polishes and products recommended by professional nail technicians for longer lasting manicures and pedicures. For a small initial investment, you can save money in the long run because your nails will require less at-home maintenance and fewer professional treatments. In addition, you’ll save tons of time and hassle.


Step 1

Start with OPI Chip Skip

Chip Skip from OPI is an unique product that is applied to nails before polish to prevent chipping. Chip Skip is not a base coat, but rather a liquid product that is absorbed by your nails, helping to remove natural oils that prevent polish from adhering to the nail. Commonly used by professional nail technicians, a single bottle of OPI Chip Skip should last through hundreds of manicures and pedicures.

Step 2

Fill ridges with OPI base coat

Many people skip this step, but base coat is a good idea if you want longer lasting nail polish. Base coat not only helps your manicures and pedicures last longer without chipping and peeling, but it also helps polish to go on smoother for a better finish. OPI offers several variations of base coats that fill ridges and help create a lasting look.

Step 3

Select your favorite color of OPI polish

OPI offers an impressive collection of cleverly named nail polish hues to choose from, with new colors being introduced every season. «I’m not really a waitress» is an old standby of professional nail technicians and a fan favorite, but there are literally hundreds of shades to fit any personality or personal style. Even without the use of additional OPI nail products, such as Chip Skip, top coat and Drip Dry, OPI nail polishes last longer and dry faster than other brands on the market.

Step 4

Finish with OPI top coat

A top coat is an essential product for longer lasting nail polish, and OPI offers several product options, including a RapiDry formula. Because OPI polish dries so quickly, a top coat can be applied immediately after the polish color. Top coats are vital to protecting your manicure or pedicure, helping to prevent chips and make your nail polish last days or even weeks longer. As an added bonus, a good top coat adds a smooth finish and a nice hint of shine to your manicure or pedicure.

Step 5

Don’t forget the Drip Dry

Drip Dry is another unique product from OPI that helps your nail polish to dry faster. Wait a few minutes after applying a top coat and simply apply a few drops of Drip Dry onto your nails for a faster drying manicure or pedicure. You’ll still want to avoid scraping or rubbing your nails against any surfaces for a full hour to prevent smudging, but your nails will be dry to the touch within a few minutes using Drip Dry and fast-drying OPI polishes.

You will Need
• OPI Chip Skip chip preventor
• OPI base coat
• OPI nail polish
• OPI RapiDry top coat
• OPI Drip Dry drying drops

Tips & Warnings
• Avoid touching newly polished nails for one full hour to eliminate smudges
• Always use a top coat for the longest lasting manicure or pedicure


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