How to get the Lady Gaga look

Lady Gaga has hit #1 on the charts in six countries, started piling up one accolade after another as fast as she can accept them, and to top it all off Lady G has inspired some of the hottest fashion trends around right now.

If you’re a fan of Lady Gaga, or just a fan of her style, you can pull off the same look without a ton of effort or money, it just takes some patience and imagination.

If you want to partially or fully adopt the look the 2009 Fashion Icon of the Year Lady Gaga is famous for you will learn how to make the transformation happen in easy to follow steps. From hair to nails, you are covered!

While Lady Gaga can look drastically different from day to to day, here you can learn how to copy her very popular «Poker Face» makeup, hair, and nails. Add that to her black latex look and you are in business!


Step 1


Regardless of whether you choose to stick with your natural hair or go with a wig, you need to affix the signature Lady Gaga hair bow to your hairdo. It can sit dead center on your head or slightly to the right as it does when seen in the «Poker Face» video.

Step 2

You can’t pull off a Lady Gaga look without concentrating on your eyes. Affix untrimmed false eyeleashes, and then give them at least two coats of heavy mascara. Next apply liquid eyeliner to the inner, and again make sure it is thick and defined. Working below the lid you can go with a bleack eyeliner pencil to top off the look and frame it with black eye powder and shimmering eyeshadow for depth.

Step 3

Finish your facial makeup off with pale frost lipstick, and don’ t forget the lipgloss! A huge part of the Lady G look is having perfectly prepared lips.

Step 4

Lady Gaga has some of the best nails in the business and you can copy them! The easiest style to copy is the black/glitter look. Go with jet black nail polish, but before the polish dries affix one piece of shimmering silver confetti to each nail. The polish will act as the adhesive. Once your nails dry apply a clear coat that provides a glossy look and keeps the piece of confetti in place and reduces the odds of it snagging on anything.

Step 5

If you have a supply of rhinestones you can go for her more complex manicure looks by re-creating the suits of a deck of cards (Diamonds, spades, hearts and clubs) on black painted nails. You can choose to freestyle whatever design you like on the remaining nail, but a horseshoe is a Lady G fave!

Step 6

When it comes to the outfit you can almost literally choose anything, the whole point of the Lady Gaga look is that anything goes! For a classic Lady G look wear black liquid leggings with a basic black jersey (Shoulder pads optional) that shows plenty of cleavage and a wide black leather belt. Go with black pumps and top it all off with Lady G signature shades. For a splash of color go with a red handbag.

By following these steps you’ve now re-created the basic Lady Gaga black latex look!

You will Need
• False eyelashes
• Black mascara
• Black liquid and pencil eyeliner
• Shimmering silver eyeshadow
• Pale Frost lipstick
• A Lady G style hair bow
• Black nail polish
• Silver confetti or rhinestones
• Plenty of attitude!

Tips & Warnings
• The easiest way to get hair like Lady Gaga is buy a wig! Lady G wears wigs all the time.


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