How to make a purse from old blue jeans

Create a beautiful purse from your worn out blue jeans

When your favorite pair of blue jeans reaches the stage that you can no longer wear them, you don’t have to throw them in the trash. The seams in the top part of the pants are very strong and you can make a denim purse that will complement your outfit for casual use.

You don’t need to have any sewing talent to create this project. Just follow the instructions and see how easy this project can be.


Step 1

Cut off the legs

Turn the blue jeans inside out and mark them for cutting. Measure about two inches from the crotch and using a pen draw a straight line on each leg. Cut the legs off along this line.

Step 2

Sew the leg openings

Sew the openings for the legs by hand or with a sewing machine. In order to make sure that this seam is strong, sew it three or four times.

Turn the jeans to the right side and press.

Step 3

Make a handle

Cut a strip of denim material from one of the legs of jeans. Press it in half and sew a seam on the wrong side of the material.

Turn the strip to the right side and stitch it in place on both sides of the waistband of the (former) jeans.

Step 4

Press the purse

Press the finished product and you are ready to use it however you please.

Things Needed
• old blue jeans
• measuring tape
• scissors
• sewing machine or sewing needle
• thread
• iron

Tips & Warnings
• This type of bag makes a great clothespin holder.
• You can even use this type of purse as a bookbag. The denim material is quite strong.


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