How to make fake blood for a Halloween costume

Making your own fake blood for a Halloween costume is easy and economically smart

Whether you need fake blood for a vampfire, zombie, or another costume, making it is easy and only take a few minutes of your time.

Generally, the fake blood purchased in a Halloween store can be thin, runny, and barely last a full night. If you’re looking for an easier and cheaper alternative to buying expensive imitation blood, then look no further than your own kitchen cabinets. Most of these ingredients people already have, however, if not, a quick trip to the corner store will easily solve your problem.


Step 1

Gather your ingredients

Although there are only three ingredients gathering them beforehand makes the entire process run smoothly. Plus, this way you’ll be sure to have all three ingredients and avoid running out last minute to purchase one item.

Gather white corn syrup (Karo is an inexpensive and suitable brand), a glass measuring cup, red and blue food coloring.

Step 2

Mix contents

Add your desired amount of corn syrup to the glass measuring cup. This is your base for the fake blood. Think about how much blood you’ll need and pour that much into the measuring cup.

Step 3

Combine the food coloring

You will need to include more red food coloring than blue. However, since blood can be a dark red, a little blue is needed.

The ratio should be about five drops of red to every 1-2 drops of blue. Mix up your own to find a color that you like.

Step 4

Find the perfect consistency

While your current mixture may be perfect, you can always make it a little thinner or thicker if you so choose by adding water or corn starch. If you’d like to make it thinner, add a little water. If you’d like to make it thicker, then add a little corn starch. Once the corn starch sets it will make it a thicker, goupy mixture. Together these ingredients make the perfect homemade fake blood that is inexpensive and fun.

Making Fake Blood & Halloween Props : How to Make Fake Blood for Halloween

Learn how to make fake blood by mixing blue food coloring, red food coloring, and corn syrup in this free how-to video making fake blood and other props for Halloween. Expert: Matt Cail Contact: Bio: Matt Cail is an artist who works in oil, water color and acrylic paints, among others. Filmmaker: randy primm

Things Needed
• Corn syrup
• Red food coloring
• Blue food coloring
• A glass measuring cup
• Corn starch (optional)
• Water (optional)

Tips & Warnings
• Be careful not to get the dye on your skin as it can be difficult to get out
• When making the blood mixture, make a little more than you think you need because making the same color twice is difficult


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