How to Scotchgard Uggs

How to Scotchgard Uggs

Keep your boots looking new!

The purchase of a pair of Ugg boots is not a small one. It’s quite an investment. Therefore, one will want to keep them looking as if they are brand new. Fortunately, there is a way to keep your Uggs in great condition. The steps are simple, the items you need are fairly inexpensive, and you will reap the rewards when the snow begins to fall. If you Scotchguard your Uggs, you will have no problem keeping that brand new look.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide for you to prepare your boots for the onslaught of winter. It will also keep your boots looking fresh and new each time you wear them.


Step 1

Stuff your boots

When you purchase the boots, they should come with cardboard that forms the boots. Leave those inside so the boots will stand up straight as after you spray. If you do not have forms, stuff the boots with paper. They need to stand in order to dry.

Step 2

Spray the boots

Hold the boots 6-12 inches away from the boot and spray. Make sure that you get every space that there is, including any braiding or extra sheepskin. You do not have to spray the soles of the boot, nor the insides of them. Do not spray too much in one spot, as it will be saturated and there will be too much spray which will cause the boot to harden.

Step 3

Allow them to dry thoroughly

After you have stuffed and sprayed your boots, put them somewhere that is room temperature to dry. It’s a good idea to put them out of the way of traffic (like a closet or on a shelf) so that they will not get dirty or messed up before they have dried. Remember that you can not take the boots back if you make a mistake.

Step 4

Wear your boots

Now, here comes the fun part. After the boot have dried (you should allow them to dry overnight). You are ready to wear your beautiful new purchase! To keep your boots looking good, make sure that you watch where you walk in certain colored boots (dark colored ones). You can walk in snow up to the top of your boots, and after they dry they will still look brand new. You will have your Uggs for years to come.

Things Needed
• Ugg boots
• Stuffing for boot
• 12-24 Hours
• Ugg stain and repellent/protector spray
• Patience

Tips & Warnings
• Darker boots (like black) may get dirty whether or not you protect them because of street salt, but they can be cleaned.
• Use only the Ugg brand spray, not a cheaper version because it may not work well.
• Always, always, always spray your boots before wearing them for the first time.
• There is a cleaning set that Ugg makes with conditioner, cleaner, protector and a scrubbing brush.
• Try to avoid street salt if possible.
• The repellent spray costs about $9.99 at most department stores and is 6 ounces.
• You should buy the stain and repellent spray when you purchase the boots.
• The spray does have a shelf life so be careful when using it.


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