How to walk in platform shoes

Getting a ladylike walk in platforms

When makers came up with the notion of platform shoes in the sixties, suddenly there was an opportunity for girls with shorter legs, to give the illusion of having longer legs. They are basically shoes built upon a platform, and learning to walk well in them will add to your confidence. It is a skill that takes a little learning, and it is a pleasurable sight to see these shoes come back into style, helping the shorter girl to walk tall.


Step 1


When you first wear platforms, you are accustomed to your feet being nearer the floor, and walking properly in platforms is different to normal shoes. The balance seems odd, and many users give up without giving them adequate time to adjust their walking to suit the shoes. When first walking in platforms, lift your feet higher off the ground than you are accustomed to doing. This way you lift the platform sole as well.

Step 2

Avoiding damage to ankles

Chose platforms that support the ankles as the normal twisting and turn of the foot can actually harm the ankle. Platforms with small ankle straps are not the best for learning. Choose shoes that are adequately solid and remember that the learning process is different and a different approach isn’t as hard as you think.

Step 3


Dependent on the height of the platform try different height of walking steps until you find the right one. When sitting, practice moving your feet to accustom yourself to this additional height.

Step 4


Feet that are nervous feet are a danger. Practice at home, though do use different surfaces to walk on as when you go out you will come across both soft and hard surfaces, and being accustomed to the feel of platforms really does make you confident and able to use them without feeling reticent and nervous.

Step 5

Benefits of walking correctly

Walking confidently in platforms really does make you feel good. They add to height, they complement your costume, and even if worn under jeans add an extra dimension to the short legged girl or woman. Getting accustomed to platforms is much easier than heeled shoes since the platform supports the whole foot and there isn’t that pivot of the foot that is caused by a thin heel.

Things Needed
• Platform shoes which are good quality
• A comfortable height
• Clothing which goes with the height
• Practice

Tips & Warnings
• Beware of shoes that do not give adequate support.
• If new to platforms, opt for wider ones as they give more support


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