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How to get smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are a look that never goes out of style. When done correctly, smoky eyes can be seductive to the point of being disarming. Young or old, women that can create the perfect smoky eye look always stand out from the crowd. Learning how to get a smoky eye look is really simple. You'll need... More

How to treat a body piercing infection

How to treat infected body piercings The majority of infections that occur in body piercings can be treated effectively at home. The more quickly that you treat an infection the less likely it is that the infection will become serious or cause a piercing... More

How to make peppermint swirl fingernail polished nails

Getting your nails done can be very expensive. This is a quick and easy way to get a festive look with out the high price tag that usually accompanies. It is simple enough that it can be done at home with very few tools. The largest investment will be time. Drying fingernail polish takes time and... More

How to make homemade organic lip balm

Homemade organic lip balm made simple. Increased awareness is being raised on just how many toxins bombard us all on a daily basis. While the majority of these toxins are found in our air and our homes via chemicals, the food we eat and the water we drink, even our everyday cosmetics are filled... More

How to deal with overplucked eyebrows

What to do when you've overtweezed Many women and men groom their eyebrows on their own using a tweezers. While this is a great way to keep brows in line, creating a more polished appearance and opening up the eye area, the temptation to overpluck can quickly become a problem. If overplucking is... More

How to use baking soda as a beauty aid

Use baking soda as a beauty aid Everyone knows that baking soda is a wonderful cleaning and deodorizing agent. There are also literally hundreds of other uses for baking soda. Some of them are not as well known and new uses are being discovered every day. The Arm and Hammer web site... More

How to make a cucumber facial mask

Make your own cucumber facial mask Cucumbers are very good to eat, but they also have great healing properties for the skin, especially the skin on your face. It has long been a practice to place slices of cucumbers over the eyes to reduce redness and puffiness. Many women search for the elusive... More

How to find the longest lasting nail polish

The benefits of professional nail products Professional manicures and pedicures tend to last much longer than at-home treatments due to the caliber of products used. By investing in some high quality professional nail products, you can achieve a salon quality nail treatment at a fraction of the... More