Tips for throwing a theme party

Tips for throwing a theme party

You decided to give a theme party! Here are general tips to follow and can be used as a starting point for any party, no matter what kind.

Parties are made up of several ingredients. You need to decide upon the number, age and sex of your guests so you can plan an appropriate party. An example — if you are having all adults, a little kid’s theme is out. If all kids, you probably don’t want to include adult card games.

In order to plan you must decide upon a date, a time, and the place where your party will be held. Next comes, the type of party. Will this be a costume party, a swim party, or a sock hop? Is the occasion a birthday, or a retirement? Answering these questions may help you decide on the major components of your party.

If you plan a sock hop, you already know you need music and dancing. A costume party demands a best costume contest; a dress up party for little girls means lots of flashy jewelry, large hats, and feather boas. You get the idea.

When the above decisions are made, you can plan a theme and a color scheme. If you pick a theme from a well-known time period, movie, or book, you already have a source of ideas.

Now, you should head to the library or your computer and the Internet to find articles and photos of the time period, or place, even costumes. Next decide how you can implement those ideas to plan a party. Get those creative juices flowing.

I once gave my daughter a Wizard of Oz party. The whole theme was based on this movie. One item included the Yellow Brick Road that I created for the game I made up. The scenery looked like a miniature version of Oz. During another Roaring 20’s party, our basement was turned into a speak-easy and a password was necessary for the guests to enter.

A theme party means you try to re-create the atmosphere of that particular setting. Color schemes are ready made for Halloween with its orange and black, or green for St. Patrick’s Day. Even with a theme you can further individualize the party by creating a color scheme. A Nursery Rhyme party could be done in pastels or maybe primary colors.

Once all decisions are made, send out invitations. Create on your computer or purchase them. Include directions to the party location if it is hard to find; a map can be made and copied.

Remember guest instructions. This may be wear something green for a St. Patrick’s bash or it could be lengthy instructions on the role they must play at your Mystery Party. Ask guests to reply with their answer.

Next write down plans. Including menus and store lists. Make a schedule listing jobs and completion time.

Example — Costumes will be finished by one week before the party. Create or buy decorations, activity or games props, prizes, costumes. Buy non-perishable food items in advance. When RSVP’s arrive, adjust guest list and numbers. Buy last minute food.

Decorate, dress up, gather everything in one place, and make your food. Enjoy the party, spend time with your guests, and don’t stay in the kitchen. Have a wonderful time!


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