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How to write a vacation postcard

Tips for sending a postcard of your vacation to those at home Even though the most popular method of communicating with those at home when you are on vacation is by email, sending postcards is still just as popular as it ever was. It is not really the lost art that many think it is but many... More

How to buy a vintage travel trailer

The lure of Vintage Trailers There is something romantic about a vintage trailer. It may not have all the amenities of the newer trailers but what it lacks in comfort is made up by the sheer joy of owning a piece of history. When people think about vintage trailers, the first two that come to... More

How to find your way around London by the London Underground

Getting around London by tube Getting around a huge city like London can be a nightmare for visitors who have never experienced the city transport system before. While there are taxis, and one can drive through the chaos of London streets, the Tube system was designed to make travel from one area... More

How to buy airline tickets online from Canadian airlines

Tips for buying airline tickets online from Canadian airlines All of the airlines have an online presence, which makes it extremely easy to purchase your tickets from home at any time of the day or night. You can choose the dates for your vacation and shop around to see which airline can offer... More

How to apply for a U.S.  passport card

Getting your U.S. passport card For places in North America, starting in June 2009 you need to have a U.S. passport card, also called the pass card or border card, to travel from the United States to and from other countries. This card will take you to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, the Bahamas and... More

How to spend Valentine’s Day in Paris

Love in the City of Light Cobblestoned streets, iron wrough lamps, the susurrus of the river Seine and the Gothic spires of Notre Dame are all perfect ingredients for an unforgettable Valentine's. Paris is known as the City of Light and of Love, for good reasons. The narrow alleys, ancient... More

How to reduce stress while traveling by air

Don't let your eagerly awaited travel plans turn into a nightmare Misplaced luggage, lost passports, insufficient money, botched up hotel reservations, delayed flights, sick children, inclement weather.... any one of these factors is enough to turn your eagerly awaited travel plans into a... More

How to Exchange Currency

Making the most of your foreign travel experience by exchanging your money. Vacationers and travelers to foreign countries need to know how to go about exchanging their hard-earned currency for that of the country being visited. It may seem like a small thing for the experienced traveler, but... More

How to enjoy Big Bear Lake with kids

Family Fun at Big Bear Lake Step 2 Kids and Summer Big Bear Lake is home to the Alpine slide. Even when there is no snow, kids love it here. There is a water slide that dumps them into a pool at the bottom. The prices are reasonable and there is a lift that takes them to the top. The public... More

How to pack clothes to avoid wrinkles

Tips to help you have wrinkle free clothes when packing your suitcase There was a time when an iron was one of the most essential items to bring with you on vacation. Now hotels have irons and ironing boards for the convenience of their guests, but you still don't want to spend time ironing out... More