How to reduce stress while traveling by air

Don’t let your eagerly awaited travel plans turn into a nightmare

Misplaced luggage, lost passports, insufficient money, botched up hotel reservations, delayed flights, sick children, inclement weather…. any one of these factors is enough to turn your eagerly awaited travel plans into a nightmarish experience. The resulting stress and mental anguish can make you dread traveling for any reason in the future.

Whether you are traveling for business or for fun, alone or with family or flying out to an exotic destination during vacations, there are some simple and basic steps you can take to reduce the stress of your trip.


Step 1

Before the Trip

Make a comprehensive list of all the things that need to get done before embarking on a trip. This can include taking care of the house, pets and plants, notifying people at work, money exchange etc.

Step 2

Make hotel reservations

For far off or unknown places, make hotel reservations well in advance. Read all the details about your destination that you can get your hands on and make sure that you know the local customs, health hazards, safety issues etc.

Step 3

Packing for the trip

Pack wisely according to the length of your stay, destination, weather and health needs. Again, make a list of all the things you may need, and check them off as you pack them to better ensure that you do not leave any essentials behind. Be extra careful while packing medicines

Step 4

Luggage Tips

Remember to divide your things according to immediate needs and later requirements. Tickets, visas, passport, money, medicines and keys should be with you in hand luggage.

With increased airport security, it is better to know what things are banned while traveling and make sure they are not in your luggage to reduce the chances of getting held up at security points or having to empty carefully packed suitcases. Label your suitcases carefully and make sure the locks are secure.

Step 5

Wear comfortable clothes

High heels, tight or ill fitting clothes can be a real nuisance while traveling. Always wear comfortable clothes and shoes especially if you have to travel long distances or catch connecting flights.

Step 6

Reach the airport early

The fear of missing a flight can be very stressful so it is better to be early. Before leaving home, confirm your flight and if on schedule, it is best to reach the airport well in advance.

Step 7

Traveling with children

If traveling with children, keep a separate bag full of nutritional snacks and water for them. It is best to carry some books, puzzles and coloring material appropriate to their age. Make travelling a fun and learning experience for them by pointing out various features of the airport and personnel. Make them draw pictures to keep them occupied. Keep essential medicines with you all the time. It is best not to let children eat heavy meals before flying in case they feel sick during flight. Also, keep a spare change of clothes with you for emergencies.

Step 8

Cultivate patience

Travelling can be very stressful if you are in a habit of finding faults with everything, Impatience is not going to speed up a delayed flight or clear the weather. Keep a book, magazine, music or some other distraction with you. Learning to be pliant and adapting to the situation can go a long way in alleviating stress whether you are on land or thousands of kilometers above the Atlantic Ocean.

Things Needed
• Good planning skills.
• Complete travel documents.
• Sufficient money in form of cash and credit/debit cards.
• Essential medicines.
• Suitable clothing
• Books, puzzles, healthy snacks and water bottles for children.
• The right attitude.

Tips & Warnings
• Make lists of all the things that you need to do before embarking on the trip.
• It is better to complete your packing a night before so that there is no last minute rush.
• Label your suitcases carefully and make sure the locks are secure.
• Keep all your travel documents in one, easy to access place.
• Confirm your flight before leaving the house. In case of delays or cancellations, call the airline and see if alternate plans can be made.
• If flying to a new place, gain knowledge of destination, local customs and information regarding available facilities like pick-n-drop, tourist guides etc.
• Make flight/hotel reservations well in advance if flying to a popular tourist spot.


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