How to write a vacation postcard

Tips for sending a postcard of your vacation to those at home

Even though the most popular method of communicating with those at home when you are on vacation is by email, sending postcards is still just as popular as it ever was. It is not really the lost art that many think it is but many people do not know how to properly write a greeting and address the postcard.

At every vacation destination there are many different kinds of postcards for sale — especially at gift stores and visitor centers in the various locations. Not only are these great mementos for yourself, but when you send a postcard by mail you can let others see the same sights that you have. In addition, the postcard has the stamp and postmark of the destination, which is a keepsake all its own.


Step 1

Understanding the format of the postcard

The back of a postcard is divided into two parts. The left hand side of the card is where you write your message and the right hand side is where you write the address of the person to whom you are sending the postcard.

Step 2

Choose the right scene

As you sort through the many postcards for sale in the location where you are spending your vacation try to choose one that has the photo of some place or event that you have visited. This makes the postcard that much more meaningful because you can give details of what you saw and it will become a conversation piece when you return home.

Step 3

The upper left hand corner of the card

Start off by writing the date in the upper lefthand corner of the postcard. Under this write the address of the location where you are staying. If you do not know the full address, that is fine. Just give the name of the place or the name of the hotel.

Leave a small space and then write the greeting of your message. You can start off with «Dear…..» or «Hi…..». You should make sure you include someone’s name, even if it is to a group of people.

Leave another space and write the main body of the message you want to send. When you are finished, end with a closing, such as «See you soon» and then sign your name.

Step 4

Write the address

The address of the person to whom you are sending the postcard of your vacation should be written on the right hand side of the card. There is a format in writing an address that should be adhered to in this regard:

Line 1 — the name of the recipient

Line 2 — the street address or post office box

Line 3 — the name of the city, state/province and zip/postal code

Line 4 — the name of the country

Once you have this completed, you can place the stamp in the upper right hand corner and drop it into the nearest mailbox.

Things Needed
• postcard
• pen
• address of your location
• address of the person to whom you are sending the card

Tips & Warnings
• Try to choose a postcard with a picture of something you have seen or done.
• Write legibly so that the post office won’t have any difficulty delivering the postcard.
• Make sure you write the full address of the person to whom you are sending the postcard.
• Don’t forget to sign you name so that the recipient will know who sent the postcard.


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