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How to overcome artists block

When you get the blahs or blocks when you're trying to write, do something to shake yourself up and get inspired. Below are some ideas to jolt you out of the doldrums and get you back on track. These ideas work for writers' or artists' block. Do a free association exercise for three to five... More

How to create your best writing

Be to the point. Don't start an article like this; "As a small child I would dream of writing, I would pick up my notebook and sit with my cat thinking about far off lands and wonderful adventures". Believe me, eventually you'll start to loath that sort of writing. What you need to say is something... More

How to prepare a dog for air travel

If you are moving across the country or perhaps to another country you'd certainly want to take your best friend with you. Airlines do allow dogs to travel and they share general guidelines for safe pet travel, albeit most of the guidelines are government imposed. Most of them are common sense if... More

How could a loving God send people to hell

Contrary to many who ponder this idea of: ('How could a loving God send people to hell'), charge God with this idea wrongly. God in His infinite wisdom knew that mankind would surmise this when we go against His will. We must now turn to a new idea that is: "FREE WILL". In the epistle of II Peter... More

How medical technology is improving our life span

The technology now exists to grow back a missing fingertip, and scientists are hopeful that in the very near future, limbs, arteries, and major organs, such as hearts and bladders, can be regrown from a patient's own cells. It's called regenerative medicine, and in theory, it could prolong life... More

How to make your home smell festive for the holidays

POMANDERS: Christmas smell and holiday decor, too! This is a great craft activity for families to do together, and the result is lovely pomanders that you can place in a bowl or wrap in holiday-hued tulle (that gauzy fabric that is used in wedding dresses, etc.) or riboons and hang in festive ways... More

How to shoot a great press photo

Tools: - Digital Camera / SLR Camera with 400 or higher ISO film - You, your band mates & photographer - Location, props, accessories, etc. - Computer, Scanner & Printer - High quality photo glossy paper 8.5" x 11" size - Photoshop or a Photo editing program Step 1: Planning Before getting... More

How to choose a tennis racquet

The guidelines for choosing a tennis racquet relate a lot to the age of a person. Ensuring a tennis player is comfortable with the racquet they choose is imperative. Critical to this consideration, first of all, is the height and physical strength of the tennis player in question. Racquets for... More

How to plan your career path

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a freshman in college. Like many students I had to work my way through school. I landed a part-time job at Sears. I saw it as a means to an end that would last a few months. My great-aunt happened to hear about my new job and made a point of... More

How to properly rinse your hair

What is the right way to rinse your hair? Do you rinse your hair in cold water? Or do you rinse it in hot water? What do you think it's better? And why? According to my experience rinsing hair with cold water at the end of a shower closes the cuticle. You can see a difference in your hair when you... More