Bedroom decor: How to design a Disney princess theme bedroom

Bedroom decor: How to design a Disney princess theme bedroom

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to decorate your child’s room in the Disney princess theme.

Go to your child’s room, and have a real good look at its surrounding, and write down what you see in it (the bed with the pillow, blanket, comforter, etc), the furniture which includes the cupboard, dressing table, etc), the curtain, the walls, and the door) . This will help you create a shopping list on what you need to buy. Check carefully to see if any repair work needs to be done to the room before your commit further to the decoration. You will not want your child to tell someone else, «Mum placed the poster here to cover up the crack» or have the decoration surrounding with unpleasant sights.Shopping with your child is fun, and you can really make your child happy if she has the final say in the materials used as she may have her favorite characters, and colors. Your child must be comfortable with the way the room is decorated as she, and not you who is sleeping in the room.

With the shopping list you obtained in step 1, go with your child to the shops or surf the Internet to get the following items:
i. Three large Disney princess wall posters. Optionally, you can have wallpapers instead of posters. However, more work is required to put up wallpapers. Also, it is harder to remove wallpapers than to remove posters. If you are getting wallpapers from the Internet, be sure not to confuse with those for your computer screen.
ii. A Disney princess door poster
iii. Some small Disney princess stickers for the various pieces of furniture.
iv. A Disney princess blanket.
v. A Disney princess comforter if needed in the area you are living.
vi. A Disney princess pillowcase.
vii. A Disney princess mattress.
viii. Some stuff Disney princess stuffed dolls or toys(optional as your child may still prefer her current ones).
ix. Disney princess curtains if the room has curtains.
x. Some Disney princess wall stickers (optional but they can help brighten up the room).
xi. A Disney princess hamper for your child’s laundry.
xii. A box of «Blu tack» or anything that you can use to paste poster without causing any problems to the paint. «Blu tack» is great as it does not peel the paint off, and can be reused over and over again.

Do any repair work necessary for your child’s room. This includes painting. If you need to paint, use a bright color like beige or cream. If you don’t need to do any repair work, go to the next step.Go to the your child’s room with your child to start

If your little princess is asking you to turn her bedroom into a Disney princess themed palace you might be thinking you can’t do this without the bankroll of a princess. No worries Mom and Dad, because it is not as expensive, or as difficult, as you might think. No matter which Disney princess your child is into its easy to find items that will change her room into a Magical Kingdom.

The most challenging part will be finding the time to paint and that is if you even feel it necessary change the wall color.

Wall color is important; if you want to add color to white walls, but do not want to paint the entire room a bold color, you can try striping. Taping off and painting vertical sections of the wall, or even taping off and painting diamond or square sections, will give the room a unique graphic look. Both painting the entire room and putting graphic images on the wall take about the same amount of time, so if you were looking at saving some time one will not take less time than the other.

Wall paper is another option and can add great detail to a room. Wallpapering sounds scary to some, and is time consuming. So if you are not an avid do-it-yourselfer you might want to try just putting up a wall boarder. It is best to place wall boarder, in a child’s room, at chair rail height; about eye level for a five year old. There are some out there that already come with the adhesive on them. Make sure to read the wall boarder package to find out if you need to buy adhesive to apply it. It does not have to have princesses on it. It could have flowers or hearts, but try to at least match the colors in the wall boarder to the princess your child has chosen.

Disney princesses are defined by the color of the gown they wear. To help with the design process, purchase a poster of your child’s favorite princess. This will not only give you a sample of the gown color and a cool poster to hang on the wall, but it will provide other color and decor ideas to place in the room. Color is going to be the key element that makes this room come together. So make sure to place at least three different colors in the room with the most predominant color being the gown color.

Most of the items placed in the room do not have to be character specific items. If your child does not already have any Disney brand name items I would suggest purchasing at least three Disney brand, character specific, items to place in the room. This will help to define the princess character you have chosen

Many little girls are absolutely enamored with the Disney Princesses. My best friend’s 6-year-old daughter loves them and owns most of the dolls, the coloring books and the movies. She would be thrilled if she could have a Princesses themed bedroom, and your little princess would be too.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to give your daughter a Disney Princesses themed bedroom. There are many products that you can buy to achieve this. However, if you have a smaller budget you can make some of them yourself.

Here are some ways in which you can give your own princess her Disney Princesses themed bedroom:

A good start would be to paint the bedroom pink as that seems to be the dominant color of the Disney Princesses. Painting is the most cost-saving of the wall decorations. However, you can also wallpaper instead. Official Disney Princesses wallpaper is available or you can just find a nice pink or purple wallpaper. Murals are also another way to decorate the walls. They add a dramatic touch to the room and really help to set the theme. There are also removable wall decorations available. These are one of the best ways to decorate as they won’t cause you too much work when your daughter has outgrown the Disney Princesses; they can just be removed and thrown away or passed down to another child.

Your daughter’s bed can easily be converted into a Princesses bed. There are canopies available that feature the Disney Princess on them. However, if you don’t want to purchase one of them, a canopy can easily be made with some mesh material and pink and purple cloth, which can then be attached to either the bed or the wall. You can also find Disney Princesses headboards. You can also buy Disney Princesses sheets and comforters, pillowcases, and shams. All of these will create a bed fit for a princess.

As for other bedroom furniture, a vanity table with a mirror and chair adds a nice touch. Again, there are commercially available Disney Princesses vanities but you can also do it yourself. A small table can be picked up at a garage sale or flea market for next to nothing. A small mirror can easily be attached to it. You can then paint it pink or purple and add some Disney Princesses touches like stickers, brushes and combs, silver trays and a Disney Princesses jewelery box. All sorts of seating is also available with the Disney Princesses theme; there are bean bag chairs, easy chairs and desk chairs. Covering a chair in an inexpensive throw or slipcover will convert will help it fit into the bedroom and the theme. A dresser can also be given the Disney Princesses theme work over; adding some stickers, and decorative handles, and painting it a nice pastel pink or white will help it to fit in with the theme. You can also cut pictures out of the Disney Princesses books and decoupage them onto the dresser.

There are also many room accents available to help create your Disney Princesses themed bedroom. You can buy night lights, jewelery boxes, alarm clocks and lamp shades; all with a Disney Princesses theme. You can also find Disney Princesses curtains and rugs.

Creating a Disney Princesses themed room is really not that difficult or time-consuming. Most department stores feature some Disney Princesses merchandise. You might even be able to find some official Disney Princesses merchandise at garage sales and flea markets. If you create the theme yourself it is more work, but it can end up being much more satisfying when you see your daughter’s face light up. Your daughter will appreciate the effort you put into it and you will be her hero or heroine.

Writer: Barzelay, Purlee


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