How parents just want the best for their kids

How parents just want the best for their kids

Are you a parent who wants your children to become successful in life? If you are a kid, do you ever think your parents are mean and should back off? Whether you are a parent or a kid, I know how you feel. I have been pushed by my parents. As a result, I am better off today.

When I was young, I sometimes did not appreciate discipline and showed an ugly side. I sometimes made my parents feel mean and hated. Want to know something? They did it for my own good. If you are a parent, you should push your kids and realize they will sometimes get mad at you and say they hate you. I will discuss my childhood to shed light on what parents and kids go through.

Parents want their kids to succeed at school. I struggled at school when I was in the fifth grade. I had to show my parents all my homework and get their help on it. I was no longer allowed to watch television. I was so frustrated that I threatened to not get my father any Christmas presents that year. I did not think it was fair to be stripped of my television privileges as a result of not being able to get good grades but my parents just wanted me to get better grades.

Are you a parent of a kid who stays in the house all day and watches too much television? This is not good. Make him or her go outside to play.

I used to stay in the house all the time until my father made me go outside to play one day when I was about ten or eleven years old. I started walking around the block looking for kids to play with. I made some friends and had fun. I learned to ride a scooter and bicycle. I got into the habit of going outside every day to play and get exercise. If my father had not made me go out to play, I might never have started playing every day and becoming familiar with the surrounding areas. I must thank him for this.

I was once grounded for coming back from playing outside when it was dark. Another time, I was told to not ride my bicycle for three weeks after I came home from riding my bicycle in the rain too long. I thought these measures were harsh but parents must try to keep their kids safe from harm and protect their health.

As a kid, my mother made me read books. At first, I did not like it and made my mother feel like she was mean. I developed a love for books and became good at reading and writing. This push was one I definitely needed.

Parents want their kids to take up hobbies and stick to them. When I became a teen, I developed an interest in playing the piano; consequently, I was signed up to take piano lessons and my parents bought a piano. I had to practice playing the piano at home for a particular amount of time every day. One time, I ended my session early and my father made me get back to playing the piano. Due to practicing so much, I became a pretty good pianist and excelled at my high school piano classes.

These incidents illustrate the importance of parents pushing their kids. If you are a parent, you must push your kids despite their gripes to mold them into successful adults. If you are a kid, you now know why you are being pushed.

How parents just want the best for their kids

The woman I married 33 years ago is Esther, my hero and best friend. She has endured much in her life, and is like a comfortable teddy bear, soothing and caring, for others and myself. Our four children are grown but her energy level is still far reaching.

Her patience and love nursed me through a stroke in August of 1999. When able, she encouraged me to join her as a volunteer working with Kane’s Kitchen in Truro, and to visit seniors in local nursing homes. Years ago, she even organized a team of ladies to teach mother-led families in homemaking and cooking skills.

For twelve years, she has led a Bible Study group in our home and provided dozens of home-cooked meals for single people. She always has an encouraging word for others; volunteers as our church bookkeeper and enjoys teaching Sunday school.


Esther divorced when she lived in Halifax with her three children, ages 4-7. Although determined to collect Child Support through the Family Court she only received one monthly child support payment. Her strength of will decided her to move to Sarnia, Ontario and begin a new life for her family. She took up cooking and housekeeping in return for one room in her uncle’s home.

Needing more space she and the children moved into Ontario Housing. Independence thrived within her spirit and although her children were still young, she gambled on her abilities.
After accepting a full-time Banking position she became a role model for her children to emulate in their own search for success. It was difficult, but with help from family and friends she managed. Besides, her family depended on her success.


The woman I met and married in Sarnia, Ontario 33 years ago is Esther, my hero and best friend. I as well as others count on her to continue making our lives complete. She has endured much in her life, and is like a comfortable teddy bear, soothing and caring.
I still remember the day I came face to face with this lady who inspired me. She proved, without egotistical boasting, a woman could fill a leadership role, and effectively too, while teaching a man a thing, or three, to me.

The woman I came love and admire, my wife, became a confidant in my work. Her invaluable advice brought to my attention, a dimension missing in my own managerial decisions. She provided me with a more balanced wisdom in understanding others, and the right mixture of love and discipline in raising our family.

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Writer: Waldridge


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