How to achieve plumper lips

How to achieve plumper lips

How to Achieve the Perfect Pout!

Ever wished you had Kylie’s Teeth?
Ever Wished you had Lips as full as Angela Jolie?

Well here’s a basic Step-by-Step guide to show you how!

Lip Liner, Lip stick, Lip Brush, Clean brush (preferably with a slant), white eye-pencil, Lip Gloss, Toothbrush, Liquid Foundation, Lip Salve, Tooth paste with built in whitener.Brush your teeth with a toothpaste with whitener built in, Pearl Drops do a fantastic version of this, which also gives your teeth a natural shimmer. Afterwords rinse your toothbrush, and then rub it against your lips. This will lift off any dry skin and will plump up your lips. Dry your lips with a towel.Rub on a good lip salve. put a bit of liquid foundation on your lips. This will help your lips stay beautiful all day/night long! Next choose your color, check out the perfect color guide below, Then find a matching lip liner. Starting on your bottom lip, and carefully draw along it, starting from each side and meeting in the middle. Moving onto your top lip, where you should start at the middle and move out to the edge. Get a lip brush a paint on a small amount of lipstick, literally paint it onto your bottom lip, starting at the line you have just drawn on, so the line blends in. Get some more lipstick on the brush, and paint again the bottom lip.Start to paint your top lip, putting focus on the two ‘pointed bits’. Get your white eye-pencil and draw just on the inside the ‘pointed bits’ and then blend it in with a clean brush, this will make your lips look fuller. Next apply your lip gloss, putting one coat on your top lip and two coats on your bottom lips. Start practicing your pose for all your camera poses!

Tips For Keeping the pout looking perfect all night!

Don’t smoke! it will blur it!
2. Keep a mini lip gloss, lip stick and white crayon in your bag to top it up!
3. Don’t rub your top and bottom lip together. How to achieve plumper lips

This is just a general guide, but don’t be afraid to try out different colors anyway!

Blonde with pale skin: Light summery pinks.
Blonde with Tanned skin: Darker pinks
Pale skin with red hair: Bronze color.
Brown Hair with pale skin: light reds
Brown/black Hair with tanned skin: Bronze Color

Bright red is a difficult color to pull off, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. If you like it on you, then where it!

Wearing Blue lip gloss can make you teeth look whiter,
Green Lip gloss- can give a gold glow to your lips.


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