How to become a spiritual warrior

How to become a spiritual warriorTo those who are aware and to those who are unaware. Those who recognize and acknowledge, and those who remain ignorant so disregard.

Which goes to say there are two types of spiritual warriors. Those who are aware so are active, and those who act without knowing. The human concept of reality lays the foundation for the battleground. If you are conscious of spiritual warfare, you involve the concept of God. The unconscious deny the existence of God and act on their basic physical perceptions.

Two perceptions of reality co-existing in one world. The battle of the warrior is most difficult since he must battle all the acts of both the conscious and unconscious. The unconscious being the greater battle because to battle ignorance is almost futile.

Both perceptions of reality break down to other perceptions. The spiritually aware have countless organized separate teachings that dangle their bait to attract you to their way of thinking. These are the various religions around the world.

The unaware have organized separate teachings of their own. These are also divided, into politics and science.

If we can consider the concept of the interacting energies that make up the spiritual realm, and that all perceptions create these energies, conscious or not, then the most effective way for the warrior to battle is by the energies he himself creates.

The basic cause for spiritual warfare is what every individual creates with their attitudes and judgments. Disagreements in opinions, perceptions, and the free will to fight for what each individual believes is true.

The spiritual warrior must be mindful of his own actions for this is the fruit that others feed from to create those attitudes and judgments directed towards them. If a warrior does not want to attract negative energies, consideration for what others «think» must apply.

There is a line from a Tool song: over thinking, over analyzing separate the body from the mind. In regards to ego and conscious thought — or the one whole conscious — thinking is the ego. The self trying to understand and give reason. The mind is the one whole conscious that knows, and it is suggesting that when the ego is thinking it separates the body from the conscious.

We as a warrior, want to have our conscious directing the body to act without creating chaos. If we allow the ego to be in charge, we act without conscious. Thinking separates the conscious mind from the body.

Another line in the song: reaching out to embrace the random, reaching out to embrace whatever may come. Disregarding the egotistical attitudes and embracing what comes, working with it and going with the flow. Taking that energy and rather then allowing our ego to struggle with it, embracing it and riding with it giving more energy to it.

Because it is energy that is the cause and focus, identifying the energy is necessary. Warriors should have the intention of creating the kind of energy that is spiritual. Uplifting. Which goes to say that they create positive energy.

Teachings suggest that the conscious whole which is life functions best on one energy. Love. It has been said, God is love. Love in the conscious act of giving life. So the warrior wants to project, reflect, love in all action. In all thought.

Those who are unconscious act in ego and project, reflect, thoughtless energies other than love. The greatest battle for anyone.

Making a decision to change the thinking process to include certain factors. Acknowledging that certain behavior is required and responsibility for energy created is important to the thinking process. This way it is the conscious using the ego to think things out to make better choices.

It is not the goal of a warrior to separate the conscious from the body. The conscious wants to use the body to act right in reality. It is the goal of a warrior to separate the ego from the conscious and allow the body to move with the conscious. We do not leave the body to find the conscious. Removing the blinders allows us to see the conscious within us.

How to become a spiritual warrior

If the conscious is God and God is love, then the thinking process which takes place is simple. We always act with love as the foundation. Love defines right actions from wrong actions. Giving is a reflection of love.

And we can be aware of that daily struggle or not. We still choose our battles with every choice and action we make.

And we can make those choices with love, or without love.

The most prominent difference between spirituality and dogma is peacefulness: spirituality is inherently peaceful on its own, as it is a deeply personal process taking place within the individual as the individual attempts to reconcile the subjective sense of self with the outside, objective world.

The only way to be warrior-like in spirituality is through oppressive religious doctrine. While it is possible to have peaceful religion, as is exemplified in some Eastern traditions, it is not possible to have spiritual warring without making religion forcefully dictatorial.

However, if you still really want to be a spiritual warrior, the five steps outlined below will get you well on your way toward it.

1) Learn intolerance. You can’t fight for the widespread acceptance of your personal spiritual experiences if you let other people do as they please, say whatever they like, or worse still, disagree with you. If they don’t believe in your god, tell them your god will smite them. If they engage in sexual practices that you don’t think your god likes, wait for the next natural disaster to hit them, and then blame it on them. You’re sure to change their minds that way.

2) Limit your own education. Who needs a high school diploma when they have your religious text in hand? That old book contains everything you need to know. Ideas about the physical and spiritual worlds that differ from yours aren’t worth listening to, and might even be dangerous, as they might lead you and your converts to change their minds. Feel free to rewrite history and science, as well as veil personal judgments as objective fact in the books you distribute: no tactic is too low for someone spreading the Word. If you limit your education, and that of those around you, with enough stringency, the parts of the world in disagreement with you may even cease to exist. And that would be great.

3) Attend regular meetings of like-minded people. If you meet with those in religious agreement with you every week, sing with them, and suspend all of your internal criticism of their ideas, you’re very likely to feel even more justified in your crusade. After all, you have an entire like-minded community behind you. Forcing yourself not to disagree with the dictates of your religious leader is sure to cleanse you of any of that dangerous «doubt» you built up while thinking for yourself during the previous week, and that can only give you more strength.

4) Self-aggrandize. There can’t be any harm in this — after all, you know the Truth, unlike those who disagree. It’s obvious that dissenters are ignorant, otherwise they would already agree with you. Worse, they’re probably being deliberately ignorant of the Truth, and that is truly contemptible. The unbelievers’ contemptibly, of course, is where your status as warrior takes the stage: you must fight them and force your ideas upon them, since they, being sinners, just won’t listen. Note — keep a strong anti-contamination barrier between step 4 and step 2 — the consequences of letting them intermingle could be disastrous. Just remember that you are blessed, and that because of your mental habits, you deserve to live in a perpetual paradise after you die, and the people who disagree with you deserve to burn.

5) Indoctrinate children. Suffer the little children to come onto you and your group of adherents. Kids are little blank slates, and their brains are ripe for your picking. Being children, they’ll be open to whatever idea you tell them to hold until they reach the age of twelve or so; even longer if you do a good job of locking the Word into their mental processes. Children have vivid imaginations — if you tell them about heaven and hell, they’ll believe you word for word with the help of their detailed, literal mental interpretations. With any luck, they’ll grow up simultaneously terrified of torture and in love with the same book you’re in love with, and stay that way until they die. In other words, they’ll be putty in your belief system’s hands.

The word «warrior» implies the pressing or forcing of ideas upon some other aspect of the outside world, and this is most often used against other people. To be a spiritual warrior means to force personal, subjective, empirically unsupportable ideas onto others. This is where oppression comes from, and this is why spiritual warring is dysfunctional, contemptible, and morally bankrupt.

Writer: Pullen


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