How to choose the right belt

How to choose the right belt

Something as simple as that strip of leather, fabric, or metal, has the potential to be a very high impact fashion accessory. It’s true. Choosing the right belt can make or break your look. Often we downplay, sometimes we even neglect, the importance of the belts we wear. Sadly, belt purchases are generally not a top level shopping priority.

Sure, we all know that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the belt buying options available. Many of us become really confused when confronted with making the selection of the belt that will work. To simplify your search, just follow these tips for helping you make the best choice for buying the right belt for your body and style.

Belt sizes run from narrow, medium to wide width. All belt categories are broad within the size ranges.
Consider your preferences along with your dress style. Flashy, classy, even trendy belts are great assets.
When purchasing belts for a special occasion, frequent wear to work, or casual wear, go for quality.
Flexibility in styling, belt buckle finish, fit and quality are important considerations when making your selection.
The skinny/narrow belt is generally best suited with slacks, jeans or skirts with belt loops.
Narrow belts should sit comfortably on the waist. Not too tight, not too loose, just right.
How to choose the right beltMake sure there are no sags or gaps between loops. The belts purpose is to finish the look of the narrow line of the apparel.

All widths work well for wearing cinched over blouses, sweaters, and dresses. Choose the belt width that best suits your body shape.

Small Waist — if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Unless you’re really skinny, wide belts are your friends. You can simply wear jeans and a white man-tailored shirt with a black, red, or yellow patent leather belt and look fantastic. Belts can also be worn lower, more casually slung on your hipbone.

Medium Waist/Large Waist — same as above holds true for you. Don’t buy a belt that is too tight or that you have to pull it in too far. Stay away from the urge to use the belt as a girdle, that makes you look uncomfortable. Chain belts that fit low on the waist help conceal little or no waist lines and add an illusion of height. Be sure to check out how you look in the belt from the rear. If it sits incorrectly on your derriere, don’t buy it. The right belt is the one that will work wonders for tailoring and concealing both your attributes, and flaws.

Cinching your waistline with the belt adds pounds and hurts!

Wear belts that do more than fill in the loops. Choose belts for their compatibility with your wardrobe needs. Remember to buy classic belts in fabrics, finishes, colors that mix with your current shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories. Buy a belt for its enhancing abilities.

Use the proper belt style to dress down or dress up a look. If you work long hours or if you travel frequently, a change of your belt can take a simple black sweater from daytime to cocktail attire with ease. A belt should always have the power to kick your outfit up a notch.

Subtle or ornate, the belt, the right belt, ties it all together!


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