How to create a beautiful table setting

How to create a beautiful table setting

The only thing better than enjoying a delicious meal is sitting down at a beautiful table to eat it! Here’s how to set an interesting and memorable table your guests will talk about for weeks to come:

Your theme is often dictated by the occasion, a holiday you’re celebrating, or the season of the year. Themes can also come from a desire to use something you love on your table such as a souvenir from your travels, your favorite color (or the favorite color of your guest of honor), a piece of crystal or pottery, a piece of artwork or your favorite food or drink.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, you should begin to gather items for your table. I’m not suggesting you run to the mall…at least not yet. First you should look around the house, including the bathrooms and bedrooms and check out your garage and yard for items to use in your place settings and centerpiece.

For instance, if you choose a North Woods theme for your table, you may find evergreen garlands, small pine trees, and pine cones in your Christmas decoration collection.

Be sure to search your Christmas decorations if you are planning a patriotic table as you may find red and white items such as candles, silk flowers or bead garlands.

How to create a beautiful table setting

You may discover items to use on a garden-themed table in your backyard or garage. A small garden sculpture embellished with an ivy garland would make a stunning centerpiece, for example. A clean set of garden tools would be an interesting addition to this tablescape. (If you want «dirt» on the table, you could use crushed Oreos.)

You might have to purchase items you need for your table. If that’s the case, try to find items that can be reused in the future.

A good first purchase would be a white or off-white colored table cloth. A red tablecloth would also be useful as it works for holiday, romantic, or patriotic tables. White napkins fit in with a wide variety of table themes, and can be bleached if stained.

Other items can be substituted for a tablecloth on your table. A bed sheet, a quilt or a blanket may work with the theme. On some tables, a tablecloth isn’t needed, particularly if you are using place mats.

Don’t get hung up on the rules of etiquette. Unless the Queen is coming to dinner, you don’t need to worry about which spoon goes where. Feel free to tie all the flatware for each place setting in a ribbon and place them on the diagonal across the plate, if that suits your table theme.

Memorable tables can be very formal or informal.


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