How to decorate your home with budget artwork

How to decorate your home with budget artwork

A home should feel comfortable and warm and more importantly it should reflect the owner’s personality. Every piece that goes up on your walls or against a corner says something about you, which makes it ever so important to spend some quality time researching the look you want to achieve for each room (and for each wall).

Once your ideas are in place, create a mock-up, either on the floor or against the wall. This way you can be sure of creating a perfect balance and avoid unwanted dents on your walls.

Coming to the artwork itself; there are two ways to go about this task:

a)shop for prints

This part is relatively easy: scrounge your local art galleries, museums and visit your artist friends, and bag a deal. Reprints, fakes and local artists are an excellent (and financially viable) option.

b)get creative and make your own artwork

For one you can display your artistic talents, on the other hand you can convert this into one big family bonding project. There are a number of ideas out there to choose from. If you’re new at this, try your hand at one (or more) of these simple projects before embarking on more ambitious ones: How to decorate your home with budget artwork

Old Frames: Not every frame needs a picture. Head to the nearest yard sale or rummage through your attic for those old, crumbling frames. Some might need a coat of polish; others might be the perfect amount of old. Hang the frame on your wall, preferably one in a contrasting color, giving it that touch of character. Don’t over do the empty frames though, especially in a small space, just one will do the trick.

Recycle for Art: Use up those saved seashells from your holiday. Arrange them along with unstrung pearls into a frame. You could make it more interesting by creating a sea or treasure themed collage as a backdrop: use old greeting cards, magazine scraps, etc. The effects can be stunning. The same can be done with junk jewelery, old scrabble tiles, dried flower, etc. Another very simple and interesting option is to use jigsaw puzzles. Glue the pieces together and mount them in a frame for the perfect art piece.

Child Art: If you have kids, there nothing more adorable than putting up some of their work on the walls. It could be something as simple as you child’s hand-prints. Just fame it and display it in the midst of your child’s photographs. It brings a delightful, personal touch to the make-up of the room.

Abstract Art: If your art skills are a little rusty go abstract. Use a toothbrush, a straw and watercolors to create, or rather spray, your masterpiece. Another easy option is coffee staining paper. You can easily make these small, smart, eye-catching pieces.

Fabrics: Fabrics are a wonderful way to hide ailing walls. You can opt for traditional Indian or South-East Asian wall tapestry from local stores or simply use vibrant pillow covers or colorful fabric and frame them.

Posters: Go retro with yellowed maps or old movie posters. They make for a great center piece. A series of kitschy postcard or book/comic book covers are also a great option.

The more fun you have, the brighter the results. But remember to always stay true to your personal style, that way you’ll never go wrong.


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