How to fix a sagging king size mattress

How to fix a sagging king size mattress

No matter how good or expensive a king size mattress you will sag. I went to a lot of effort to fix the sagging problem and some expense to cover the sagging up, and then I discovered a simple solution!

When our king-size mattress was about 15 years old it was apparent we needed a new mattress. The old one had begun to sag terribly in the middle and we were sleeping back-to-back or «spoon style», which was not all that bad..but we needed a new mattress. After a period of searching we decided on a mattress and purchased it, had it delivered and it was good.

In less than two years this new mattress begun to sag, only this time it was on each side where we lay. We had turned it and flipped it each quarter as we were told to do, but it had begun to sag. We called the store where we purchased the mattress and they informed us we had to contact the manufacturer direct. We did and were mailed a form to fill out, describing where the sags were and to that depth. At one point the mattress sagged about 3 inches; we qualified for the mattress to be rebuilt by the factory.

Without a mattress!

At the appointed day, the van came to pick up our sagging king mattress and the pick-up men informed us we would be without a mattress for two to three weeks! Thankfully, we had some twin mattresses to use in the absence.

How to fix a sagging king size mattress

The rebuilt mattress was delivered and we expected all problems to be solved. It looked good; it felt good for a few months, then it begun to sag again. At this point we were disgusted! I purchased a feather «topper» for the bed and by turning and fluffing the «topper» the sag was not as noticeable to us. We also added a sheet of one-half inch plywood over the box springs.

I asked everyone I knew if they had a king bed and if so, did it sag? The over-whelming response was yes if it was a king, it sagged. I was startled by the responses! I also discovered the men did not notice nor cared about the sagging as the women did.

The simple solution!

Not wanting to pay the price for another sagging king mattress, I started researching the manufacturing facilities. While online searching one day, I found a blog by a man who said he had been in the mattress industry for years. He stated that all king mattresses sag and for a simple solution, just rotate the mattress one quarter turn every 30 days. It worked! For the first two nights there was a slight hump in the middle, but after that it was flat! The fitted sheet rotates with the mattress and the top covers remain the same. It is not a problem and my husband says his feet do not hang off the end. If you have a king bed that sags..there’s the answer.

This action is such a simple and no-cost remedy for a sagging king-size bed that I want to tell everyone about it! People look at me funny and may think, «Crazy old woman», but I would rather spend my $1,000 somewhere else. How about you?


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