How to get a dog to stop barking

How to get a dog to stop barking

Are you wondering how to stop dog barking? Uncontrollable dog barking can be a huge frustration. You and the neighbors have had enoughbut what can you do? We have several tips that will help you put an end to dog barkingfor good!

The first step to putting a stop to barking is understanding why your dog is barking.
Is your dog asking for attention?

Does your dog have separation anxiety?
Is your dog being protective over his domain?

Make note of your dog’s different types of barks so you can deal with them individually.

You must show your dog barking for attention doesn’t work. If your dog whines or barks for attention, completely ignore him.

Don’t acknowledge him, make eye contact, or speak to him until he calms down. Once he calms down, you can tell him he is a good dog.

The key to this type of barking is to acknowledge it. Your dog is trying to tell you that someone is close to your property. How to get a dog to stop barking

On the first bark, tell your dog «good job.» On the second bark tell your dog «that’s enough.» If your dog continues to bark, send him to a designated place, «that’s enough rover, get in your bed.»

With this type of bark, you have to teach your dog it’s not a big deal to be alone. When you leave the house, don’t make a big production. Don’t say good-bye, give him treats or anything that signals that you leaving an «event.»

When you come home, don’t make a big deal. When you dog gets excited, don’t look at him or acknowledge him until he calms down. When he does this, you can tell him «good dog.»

Teach your dog a no bark command. Train your dog to go to a place upon command. For example, «go to your bed.» So when your dog barks, you can send him to the designated place to district him from barking.

Keep your dog entertained when you’re away. Do neighbors complain that your dog barks when you’re not at home? If this is true, your dog may be bored.

The best way to remedy this is to hide little treats for your dog to find throughout the day. Kongs are good choices because it takes time and concentration to get the biscuit.

Does your dog ignore you when you tell him to stop barking? If you try this trick, your dog will start to take notice.

When your dog barks, shake a jar full of change loudly. This will startle your dog, and they will forget they where even barking. Eventually, you many not even have to shake the jar, but only hold it in front of your dog. Since they don’t want you to shake it, they will stop.

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