How to get the most out of weight loss camp

How to get the most out of weight loss camp

Child Weight Loss Camp: A Growing Trend in North America

With hundreds of children in North America, heavier than they should be for their age, height and body structure, there is increasing concern about proper weight management for children. One can see a growing trend towards the establishment of child weight loss camps, all across the country. This is a serious attempt to solve the problem of childhood obesity.

As a parent or guardian, seeking answers for your child, you might be interested in considering these factors, before you sign any agreement with a child weight loss camp.

Have you taken your child to his or her doctor recently, to learn what he or she should weigh in terms of age, height and body structure?
2. Has your child had a physical recently? If not, now is a probably a good time, especially if you are seriously concerned about your child’s weight.Are there other medical issues to be taken into consideration? Of course, these must be dealt with first.Are there any valid reasons why your child should not attend a weight loss camp? Have you researched or compared other child weight loss camps in your area, to see exactly what each has to offer?Is the camp that you have decided upon, registered as a legitimate business?Is this particular camp close enough to home, that you can monitor what is happening with your child, as well as his or her weight loss program?Is the director a person who is qualified to work with children? Can he or she provide appropriate references, with respect to successful weight loss management for other children?Are the camp counselors appropriately trained with respect to weight management for children? Are there enough counselors at the camp?Does your child show an interest in weight loss, at this particular age, or time in his or her life?Is the camp which you are considering, one that is safe in terms of water, cabins, recreational buildings or other facilities?Have you visited the proposed camp to see what it offers? You might want to go there before sending your child.Does this camp have an adequate program for children, with respect to both short and long term weight loss and management?Would you be happy at this camp? If not, you child may not be happy there either.Are you and your family going to be able to participate in any of the activities with your child?Is there a dietary aspect to the weight loss program, as well as an exercise regime, that your child will be taught? Will this include you and the rest of your family?Will what is being taught to your child, become part of a change in life style, for both you and your child in the future?Is the cost too prohibitive, or is it in a price range that suits your budget at this time?

Taking all of these factors into consideration, you may decide that the weight loss camp that you are currently looking at for your child is, or is not appropriate.

Perhaps just camping together as a family and looking at family weight loss and management programs is much more appropriate. Consider that possibility too and enjoy camping, whatever you decide!

How to get the most out of weight loss camp.

Weight loss camps come in many forms. You can spend from a week to an entire summer sweating away pounds. You can go to an exclusive spa or a military style boot camp. Whatever your choice, success will greatly depend upon your motivation. Once your decision has been made and you are determined to lose at a camp, you will need to choose one that fits your individual needs.

Shopping for a weight loss camp should involve time and consideration. You will want to ask many questions to make your choice the right one for you.

— How much does the camp cost? Remember this is an investment into your future and you will want to make this as wisely as any other. Are there any hidden costs such as laundry or parking? Is aftercare included in the cost?
— What does this camp consist of? Will the camp focus on diet and fitness needs and also address the fundamental behavioral and emotional issues. Will there be stress management classes. Does the camp offer cooking or nutrition classes? What type of aftercare is offered once you leave the camp?
— Will you get results? What are the typical weight loss averages of pass participants? Have past participants been able to maintain weight loss? What are the qualifications of the staff?

The questions above are important to have answered before choosing a camp. Any other concerns you may have should be answered before you make your choice.

One of the most beneficial thing you can take away from camp will be the change you make to healthy behaviors that will keep you meeting your weight loss goals. In order to maintain your hard earned weight loss, you must continue to engage in regular physical activity and follow a sensible diet.

Many experts agree that both adults and teens alike will return from camp in a much healthier conditions. The goal to keeping the weight off will depend on if they have been taught how to deal with the emotions and stresses that trigger overeating. While at camp, make sure this issue is covered to ensure you get the most out of your weight loss ca

How to Get the Most Out of Weight Loss Camp

What methods can you take to ensure your weight loss camp program will be
successful for the future?

Why not invest your time in exercise you can do right in your own home on your own
time and keep fit. Dieting and exercise is the key to good health and a lean body.

One of the best things you can do to follow up your weight loss camp fitness is to buy

yourself exercise DVDS and set a weekly routine of regular exercise. Choosing the
right exercise video for your lifestyle can be a chore. Once you find weight loss
exercise that is fun and simple to do, you will look forward to watching
and participating in work out videos frequently. Your weight loss will become
noticeable and you will feel better. Most importantly taking these simple steps will
make sure the results of your weight loss camp will last.

There are several exercise DVDs I’d recommend for fun, interesting work outs for the
whole family which are appropriate for teen weight loss, child weight loss or adult
weight loss:

Leslie Sansone’s WALK AEROBICS for the Family

Everyone knows walking is one of the best ways to stay fit so why not try Walk-
Aerobics; it’s easy, fun and no matter what your age or fitness level the whole family
can do it.
Personally this is one of my favorite exercise videos (I have the VHS version.)
This is also available on DVD. It’s a fun way to do 35 minutes of exercise; the
video has a group comprised of all ages even a grandmother, adults, teens, families
with their children performing the aerobics along with Leslie Sansone. This is one
video perfect to add to your collection of health and fitness videos that will enhance
your weight loss camp exercise.

WALK AWAY THE POUNDS with Leslie Sansone

This is a great way to add incentive to any camp weight loss program because it
incorporates a workout that reduces calories and at the same time tones your
body while you actually walk 2 miles.


If you like Bhangra and Bollywood dance you can’t go wrong with this video.
High impact will give you a total workout. This program is really worth to own.
I have found this video great in every aspect because the work out is innovated,
the dances are easy to do, different and quite fun. There are several stages such as
fast dances, and slow warm ups. You won’t get bored with these work outs and
the East Indian background music is enjoyable. Bhangra was never so easy!
Moreover adding little exotic dance to your weight loss program will go a long way.

How to get the most out of weight loss camp

After you have paid your money and attended the weight loss camp, you will be very enthusiastic to maintain your newly gained body shape or weight loss.

At the camp, usually, they will prepare the food for you accompanied with lessons on how to prepare healthy meals to continue with the healthy lifestyle you have newly learned.

Most of the camps will also include a list of what you can eat and what foods to stay away from to bring home with you. But what happens when you come to a restaurant and that the menu does not have something recommended in the list? Simple, choose the smallest meal of grilled fish with the fresh salad without the dressing.

When you search the Internet using the tag healthy choices in diet’ it will lead you to more than half a million websites telling you what is the best choice for a healthy diet.

All will tell you that you have to cut out the extra’ sugar in your diet. Well, if you are having a cup of coffee and you use two sugars, it is easier to spot’ where that extra’ sugar is.

However, not all sugars are that easy to recognize. For example, sugar is also found in our normal white bread (among other ingredients, you have to read the label), ketchup, milk, peanut butter and the list goes on. But you get the idea, it’s the HIDDEN sugar that is causing lots of trouble.

As consumers, we now have to learn new skill read the label before purchasing anything off the shelves.

When we see sugar’ placed in the first or second position in the listed ingredients, chances are, that product is high in sugar. On the other hand, the manufacturer has also come up with another method of hiding’ the sugar content. Some with label the ingredients in alphabetical order, so s’ is further down the list. Others, call sugar by another name carbohydrate, saccharine, glucose, fructose, sucrose (table sugar) and lactose (the sugar found in milk), syrup, and the list goes on.

Oil intake is slightly easier to control as well as to recognize you think? Oil and fats, also know as lipids, are found in some foods notably like butter, cakes, ice-creams. Then there are also the HIDDEN oils and fats found in meats, poultry, fish, cheeses, eggs, and nuts.

In so saying, not ALL oils and fats are bad. Some are really good for the body. the use of olive oil in the daily diet played a role in a generally lower incidence of cardiovascular disease.

So what do we need to eat more of? Fresh vegetables, fruits, juices, green leafy salad. All the exercise and dieting and eating healthily during the weight loss camp will go to waste if the lifestyle cannot sustain it.

Seriously, how do you make the results from the weight loss camp stay? Stay in touch with the other participants in the camp, via email (with web cam if possible) and check on each other, motivate each other, give your friend the support. Most of all, exchange new ideas of how you make your meals more interesting with each other. Learn how other cultures prepare their food and try it out for yourself, you will be surprise how many ways you can prepare the same vegetable.

Believe it or not, you really need to eat, and not starve yourselves, to maintain your new figure.

Looking to jump start into a fresh fitness routine or shed extra pounds? Enlist the help, advice, and support of fitness and nutritional health experts who can offer coaching and instruction at one of the multitude of fitness and weight loss camps springing up all over the country.

Dedicating to yielding weight loss results and providing motivational support, attending a fitness or weight loss camp is a short commitment for a few weeks or days, depending on the desired results. While there, you will be fully immersed in a healthy lifestyle. But fitness camps are meant to be places of positive and lasting change as well, promoting healthy habits that people should take home long after their stay at the camp. While there, make the most of your stay, and fully immerse yourself in the weight loss program and then take what you have learned and experienced home with you.

Pick a fitness camp with a weight loss program that offers a stimulating fitness program that will prompt you to remain active and work up a sweat while scorching calories. If you enjoy the great outdoors, look for a weight loss camp that incorporates lots of activities outdoors. If you are into New Age, pick camps that offer trendy fitness classes and options. Craving a really tough fitness challenge? Whip your body into shape and see quick results by joining a regimented and disciplined weight loss boot camp. Regardless of your fitness level, turn it up a notch to see maximum results.

Set attainable goals that are measurable during the course of your stay. Seeing progress helps you stick with the fitness or weight loss program and encourages you to keep your great results long after you have returned home.


One of the cornerstones of weight loss camps is proper nutrition. Talk to the chefs personally and write down some tasty, nutritional recipes to prepare at home. If your camp offers cooking classes try and attend a few to get some healthy, nutritious meal ideas.


Healthy living incorporates mind body and spirit. Be sure to relax and take advantage of spa services or retreat into peaceful, soul-lifting activities, like meditation or yoga. Keep a diary during the course of your stay and reflect on your experiences. Attending a fitness camp is about overcoming obstacles and achieving weight loss and fitness goals. Write about how good physical activity and group fitness makes you feel, so you will be inspired to stay active and keep the weight off at home too.

There are also many teen and child weight loss camps. Great places to attend during the summer holidays, teen and child weight loss camps help youngsters manage their weight by encouraging them to get lots of exercise and play sports. Foster good habits at a young age by prompting your kids to be physically active, instead of sedentary.

Losing weight in a society that is focused on appearance is an incredibly difficult task. Simply going to the gym just isn’t enough for many people. The social stigma associated with being overweight is sometimes too psychologically limiting to step foot in a gym. In certain cases, weight loss camp can embody everything that a person needs to really make an impact on themselves physically, while being immersed in an environment that understands exactly how difficult it is to not live up to expectation we as a nation have for what qualifies as «in shape».

Primarily, weight loss champ serves as a place for people who are looking to loss weight to get away from the judging eyes of society. To be surrounded by people that go through the same difficulties day after day is incredibly supportive and conducive to being able to lose weight. The close proximity to those that have the same goals and daily routines serves as a support mechanism that reminds all those there that they are not alone. It is a place that reminds the dieters that their struggles, while individual, are still shared.

Second, weight loss camp provides campers with motivation. Councilors and trainers are professionals with years of experience with the kinds of struggles, both mental and physical, that campers go through. It isn’t as impersonal as a gym or a personal trainer that might cost anywhere from $40-$100 per hour. These are people that have experienced and specialized in the process that can transform a person both physically and mentally.

The daily lives and routines are outlined by those that run the camp so that participants not only get to socialize and gain friendships, but also so that they stay active in an environment that does not offer the same sorts of temptations as are present in daily life. There are no fast food restaurants or pizza deliveries. The food is prepared as a balance of both nutrients and vitamins so that campers can have the energy to reach levels of activity that they might not have had in years, if ever. With this kind of structure, participants are able to focus on exactly why there are there: the change their lives.

The most important idea that must be taken into camp and out of camp is that it will always take effort to lose weight. There must always be activity and self-control in order to maintain the bodies that they have either earned or are on their way to earning. Success can be achieved when there are no temptations, but a true measure of success is how a person’s life is changed after they leave. To really feel what it is like to look in the mirror and feel like a success is a rare and wonderful thing to have and it is something that takes work to hold. These camps are designed to give those that go to them the tools to become all that they have ever wanted, but if the participants don’t truly want to lose weight and be healthy, it will be difficult if not impossible to reach their goals.

Going to these camps is a great step, but the hardest part is what lies inside: the desire and will to do what it takes to be the best person one can be.

Weight loss is something in most peoples lives that they want to achieve for one reason or another and for severely obese people its probably the hardest thing they can ever do in their lives.

Once you have agreed to take part in a weight loss camp program, you are on the first step to recovery. The rest is entirely up to you, and if you really want to lose weight, you will.

Making sure the results last is another very hard thing to achieve, because the longer you have been carrying weight and for the short time your body has managed to lose weight very rapidly, then you have to maintain the weight loss and this can only be done by sticking to your new eating and exercise program.

If you have entered a weight loss camp, your mind is already saying, «OK, I am here now, what can you do to help me lose this weight».

Are becoming more increasingly popular around the world due to their making you realize your not on your own in wanting to lose weight. Losing weight on your own when all else around you are sylph like and seem to be able to eat what they want. Have you ever wondered why this is so? Like everything when there is a problem, you have to analyze the problem.

When entering any weight loss program, especially an organized one, you will have to fill out a questionnaire to make sure you are fit enough to enter the program.

Once you have established that its not hormonal or hereditary disorders that make you overweight as you get older, your metabolism does slow down making it harder to lose weight.

These are specifically designed for people who all have one thing in common — to lose weight. Specially trained people in either fitness instruction, dietitians etc, are there to help you with your goal.

Use this time to take on board the expertise. Some instructors will also tell you that they can put on weight as easily as that by not exercising and changing their food intake, no one is insusceptible.

There will be daily timetables of what is going on, ranging from Pilate’s (to help regain core strengthening), Swimming, running etc, food nutrition. Teenagers that are overweight, these are a great idea. Again its putting a lot of youngsters who are all in the same boat, through exercise and food rehabilitation.

If weight control is not maintained when they are teenagers and before they become adults, they will have serious problems later.

Again the timetable will be varied and in some camps, they actively encourage some parents to take part in the activities with the teenagers where possible, making it more a family thing, and does not ostracize the the teenager from the family.

The same applies for the teen camps as for the adult ones, that a questionnaire has to be filled to make sure there are no circumstances that are making them more at risk for entering a teen camp, but like with the adults, the main reason they are overweight, is because they need to change their eating habits.

Some weight loss camps even have a military feel about it, not so much about learning to frog march, but they offer things like team leadership skills, which can actually encourage other members to become part of a team, thus making it a challenge to lose the weight against another team.

You are not on your own in these weight loss camps, and no one is going to ridicule you because you are overweight, they will encourage you to change your life to be slimmer and fitter.

Fitness boot camp, weight loss camp, fat farm. I’ve been to all of them. Some pamper and coddle the guests, asking only that you not cheat openly on the diet plan in front of other guests. Others offer such low calorie meals that your body shuts down its metabolic rate to zero and you actually gain weight while you’re there! Still other weight loss camps hire exercise physiologists to develop the training regimen that is more appropriate for an Olympic athlete.

Before committing the time and expense of a weight loss camp, consider why you need the experience. Is it to jump start a weight loss program you’ve put off for a long time? Is it to help you over a weight loss plateau after losing sizable poundage on your own? Or is it because it is a nice vacation you can take without your spouse or significant other? If it’s the latter, opt for a camp that has lots of salon services like facials, manicures, pedicures. If it’s weight loss you’re after, seek one out that has a reasonable diet and exercise routine.

One weight loss camp I attended served such skimpy meals that guests actually foraged around the grounds of the camp for pecans to snack on. I remember one «happy hour» at that spa where they served chips (actually jicama slices) and a large bowl of something that looked amazingly like guacamole. I scooped the jicama slice into the guacamole and popped it in my mouth, but almost immediately had to look for a place to spit it out. The «guacamole» was actually boiled, mashed asparagus seasoned with onions and peppers. Yuck! Look for a camp that serves buffet-style meals with the calorie count indicated for each item. A buffet like that helps you learn to make healthy choices that suit your tastes.

Make sure the exercise program offers enough options so that you can start out at your fitness level and increase your activity at a pace that doesn’t strain a muscle or cause injury. I remember one spa where an 80 year old woman showed up on a Monday, back bent over, barely able to shuffle into place for the first class of the day, a stretch and warm-up routine. I didn’t see her in any other class that day until the yoga class and the relaxation class. By the end of the week she was able to stand straighter and walk more assuredly. She did not attempt the aerobics, cardio-boxing, power walking, or jogging, yet the program was clearly beneficial.

And finally, consider how long you want to stay. A few days will not be enough to see actual weight loss, but if you learn healthy eating habits and find an exercise routine you can stick with, the camp has done its job. If you can afford it, a week is a good length of time for you to develop a good routine, gain a little muscle, and learn to make healthier diet choices.


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