How to grow onions in your garden

How to grow onions in your garden

Springtime! Onion growing time. Nothing like a good fresh onion straight from the garden to your hamburger, hotdog, or favorite meal.

Onions are one of the easiest vegetable you can ever attempt to grow in your garden. They need very little maintenance and normally produce a 100% of what you plant from seed.

Key trick with onions as with any plant is water. Never hesitate to water any plant in your garden when you see the soil is getting dry. Once the top of the soil develops a crusty layer, all plants have a difficult time growing properly.

Before planting your onion seed or seedlings water the garden to moisten and help loosen the soil for the new arrivals.

We will cover two ways onions are planted. The first starting seeds bought in a package. The second is from onion sets. Onion sets are onions already grown to thumb size from seeds to help amateur gardeners get a good start at growing onions. You can buy both onion seed and onion sets from your local home and garden center.

Now when starting from seeds take your hoe or tool of your choice, dig a trench one inch deep. Place your seeds inside the trench and cover with loose soil. Do not pack the soil, as this will prohibit growth of your onions.

Second method concerning onion sets is dig your trench two inches deep. One more inch is added for the reason onion sets are baby onions already started from seeds. Once again do not pack the soil cover the onions only with loose soil.

After you see the green stalks from of the onions protruding from the top of the soil. Thin your onions to approximately six-inches apart. Doing this gives your newly planted onions room to grow and not have to fight for space, water or nutrients in the soil.

As the onions grow, watch for any that may uncover themselves. You will see a brownish or whitish round bulb protruding through the top of the soil. Don’t panic! Onions commonly protrude through the top of the soil in this fashion. Simply cover the onions slightly with more soil.

Once the green stalks of the onions begin bending over in half from a straight up position, they are ready for picking.


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