How to hypnotize someone » How to?

How to hypnotize someone

How to hypnotize someone

How to secretly hypnotize someone in three minutes or less

It takes less than 10 minutes to hypnotize somebody, bearing in mind that not everyone can be hypnotized and the ways to hypnotize are easy and straight forward.

It is important to know that hypnosis works on someone who is willing to be hypnotized and a person of strong will and character is more difficult to hypnotize.

Hypnotizing anybody works in the following ways Changing atmosphere in a room, keeping the lights dim and silence in a room make a person conducive to it.
How to hypnotize someoneGetting the person to breathe slowly and relaxing his/her body and mind. Asking the person to get rid of all the problems, thoughts by asking them to breathe them out.
Telling the person to imagine that they are being filled up with some sort of imaginary thing from the feet all the way to the head and once they are filled they will be totally relaxed and at ease. Once the person is in a subconscious state, we could give them some ideas, actions or thoughts, which could be how to get out of a bad relationship, give up smoking or some other bad habit, then we tell them all the good things that happen when these habits are thrown out, and how they will feel better when they are in this better frame of mind we ask them to snap out. The results vary from individual to individual, but these are the ways to hypnotize somebody.

Nowadays there a lot of courses and books related to learning hypnosis and someone who is really interested to learn this may help out people in many different ways. We must understand that all people cannot be hypnotized, the effects of hypnotism vary, it is easy to hypnotize people who don’t have a high ego and it is difficult to hypnotize somebody with an high ego. Resistance to hypnosis is also different in people; it depends on the brainpower, age and sex of the person. A point of debate is Can someone be hypnotized against their will’.

To start practical hypnosis we must first try and find out how suggestible the person is, asking a person to roll up his/her eyes upward as far as possible the more white we see the easier it is to hypnotize them or in a small dark room we could ask them to look at a small light then without actually moving it ask them «if its moving or not», a person who answers that it is moving is easier to hypnotize. Television, radio or any other disturbance causes distraction and loss of concentration making it difficult to perform hypnosis. Make a person’s mind respond to your instructions rather being in charge of it, a period of silence always the person to get comfortable and calm, ask him/her to close their eyes and relax for a minute or so. Talking to the person in a soft, gentle tone ask him/her to move their hand or fingers, then take command and ask them to visualize some actions like asking for chocolates, or running fast like Flash Gordon, its not impossible to get the person to do these things. A hypnotist’s goal is to get the person’s focus by making him/her unaware of their surroundings by getting them to relax.


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