How to keep the bees away from a camping site

How to keep the bees away from a camping site

With summer time picnics and other outdoor activities fast approaching, we need to exercise common sense. Bugs, bees, ants, snakes and other creepy crawlies will soon be everywhere and will no doubt cause many problems to many people so I have some quick common sense tips to share to make your summer time fun more enjoyable.

When you are camping, its always important to keep food covered and tables washed clean of all traces of food not just because of the bees, but also the other wildlife.

Bees and mosquitoes love sweet smells and with so many shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, and lotions having wonderful smells it is time to go with unscented products. This will do wonders in reducing the amount or pests that you will attract to you because of the way you smell.

Mosquitoes carry west mile virus and many other types of diseases so it is far better to keep them at bay always. My grand daughter has allergic reactions to them as many people do, so a mosquito repellent is always a great idea.

How to keep the bees away from a camping site

Standing water is a well-known breeding area, so get rid of any cans, pails, old tires or any containers around your property, which collect water where these pests congregate and breed. Early spring is the perfect time to do this, as it is before the majority of mosquitoes are not around yet.

If you have a short bowl pour a cup of water in it along with some lemon fresh joy and set it in the area but away from the people at your picnic. The mosquitoes are attracted to it, they partake of it, and they drop dead, this will mean fewer bites for you.

When my adult niece Jessica was about five years old, she like the other children were running on a side hill at my parents home, which had high grass. Jessica was the unfortunate child who stepped in a bee’s nest, which was in the ground, and she was stung very badly. A quick trip to the hospital to remove numerous stingers and get some medicine she recovered quickly but still has a fear of bees. Lesson learned for all of us adults, and we kept that hill mowed from that point forward.

Bees love hidden areas and often build nest in areas hidden away and quiet for the most part. Children’s playhouses, out buildings, swing sets unused infrequently are havens for bees so check them often and spray as needed.

Trick the bees by leaving a bee bottle sitting in the location but not around the people. A bee bottle is simply a bottle without the label and it contains a few inches of flat soda they bees are attracted to it and stay away from the people.


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