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How to keep your teeth for life

How to keep your teeth for life

It isn’t so hard to keep your teeth for life. All it involves is good dental hygiene and a nourishing diet. If your mouth is over-crowded then it is important to be seen by an orthodontist who willoffer advice on teeth extraction and straightening. This will then make keeping your teeth for lifeeasier to do.It is important to get children seen asearly as possible by an ortodontist for corrective treatment, this will then make it much easier for the child to clean their teeth.

Oral hygiene, diet and factors such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol will all effect the teeth sooner or later. Often tooth loss is the result of gum disease which can be avoided with good oral hygiene. Also cancer of the mouth and throat is a real possibility if you consume too much alcohol, or you smoke. So address your lifestyle first and any other problems and then you will be in abetter condition to concentrate on dental hygiene.

As soon as the first tooth erupts in a baby which usually happens from 6-8 months old it should be brushed with a soft tooth-brush and a very small amount of tooth-paste just a pea sized amount or less as babies can not spit it out and tend to swallow it. There are many varieties of childrens tooth-paste one can buy. If children are encouraged to look after their teeth from an early age there is no reason why they shouldnt keep their teeth for life.

Regular dental checks, in the UK this is recommended every six months, are important as dentists can spot potential problems and advise patients how to care for their teeth and gums as too can dental hygienists which some practices employ purely for this reason.

How to keep your teeth for life

Teeth should be brushed and flossed regularly. Flossing teeth can be difficult if the mouth has tightly packed together teeth which is why sorting this problem early in life is hugely important .Better care can be taken of the teeth and gums if the mouth is not overcrowded so it is important to have this problem dealt with as soon as possible preferably in childhood.

Plaque that forms around the base of a tooth will inflame the gum margin and gingivitis, swollen red and bleeding gums may occur if this condition is left for any length of time, however this is reversible with improved dental hygiene. If left though the chances of losing teeth becomes very real.

Teeth and gums should be brushed with a soft to medium brush and cleaned gently with up and down and circular motions around each tooth, note the word gently as over zealous brushing can damage gums which could cause the gum around the tooth to recede. Receding gums can result in part of the root or the root covering, the dentine to become exposed. This condition can lead to sensitive teeth where hot, cold, sweet and salt can aggravate the tooth. There are many tooth-pastes on the market for sensitive teeth which can alleviate this condition. Often tooth loss is the result of gum disease which can be avoided with good oral hygiene. Gums should be pink. Red swollen, bleeding gums if left untreated may lead to tooth loss.

It is never too late, unless of course you have already lost all your teeth, to adopt good oral hygiene habits and this will also boost your confidence!


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