How to properly rinse your hair

How to properly rinse your hair

What is the right way to rinse your hair?

Do you rinse your hair in cold water? Or do you rinse it in hot water? What do you think it’s better? And why? According to my experience rinsing hair with cold water at the end of a shower closes the cuticle. You can see a difference in your hair when you do a final cold water rinse: yes, big difference in how your hair looks and feels.

I have found that a cold rinse makes a glossy and healthful appearance. Do you agree? Also rinsing hair with cold water improves your hair’s strength and manageability. This is very important in order to seal the hair follicle to help prevent split ends. Cold water will close the pores and seal in the protein from the products you used (conditioners, shampoo, etc).

On the contrary, rinsing with hot water opens the pores, so hair becomes more vulnerable and weaker. The scalp secretes certain oils, good for your hair, which get dissolved in warm or hot water, and this causes further dryness. If you rinse your hair with hot water, it will cause the cuticle to peal. Also, essential oil will run out. On the contrary, cold water does not dissolve the natural oils. So it’s better to rinse off with coldest water you can resist to, for best results. Just try out the different ways and compare how good you feel about your hair. The hairdresser just use warm water so that the customer will not be shocked by the sudden coldness.

So make the healthy-hair choice and go in for cold water! This allows the hair molecules to shrink and carries away all unnecessary layers. The hair will be easier to comb. This might be uncomfortable a little, but the idea is to rinse your hair, not the scalp or the rest of you. This is really important — cold water only! If you wash your hair with hot water you disrupt the balanced environment on your scalp and you can be sure it will look terrible! I have been through it. No frizz and a lot shinier too! I know that when it’s winter…but try this trick and your hair will look instantly healthier. This is my experience, and not only mine.

Also good rinsing technique requires that you use enough water. So water, water, water…cascades of it. Make it sure no shampoo is left in your hair. Also rinse your hair under running water and keep on rinsing until it is absolutely clean. If shampoo is not properly rinsed off, the scalp can be some dry.

How to properly rinse your hair

You could also use a good hair serum on damp hair and let it air dry, or blow dry it.

Have you ever noticed that most dryers come with a cool air button? Many people who are very skillful or highly trained and informed in this field say that blasting hair with cold air also works by smoothing hair.

Cold water will close them and seal in the protein from hair products: shampoo and conditioners. This will decrease frizz and add shine.

Shampooing seems like it ought to be the simplest of all hair procedures. Is this true? No, it isn’t. Many hairdressers say that many clients of theirs really don’t know all they should about how or when to wash their hair…or with what.

Wash and rinse as soon as possible after swimming. If salt water dries on your hair, it can cause mineral deposits to build up, so wash your hair thoroughly.

Take care of your hair!


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