How to shoot a great press photo

How to shoot a great press photo


— Digital Camera / SLR Camera with 400 or higher ISO film
— You, your band mates & photographer
— Location, props, accessories, etc.
— Computer, Scanner & Printer
— High quality photo glossy paper 8.5″ x 11″ size
— Photoshop or a Photo editing program

Step 1: Planning

Before getting together with your band mates or photographer for your photo shoot, you should have an idea already in your head about how you want the shoot to go.

How to shoot a great press photo

Keep in mind the following tips when planning your press photo shoot:

#1 — Your image (how you look) should reflect your music!

This includes: choice in clothing, makeup, props, accessories, shoot location and other.

For example: A hip-hop artist may wear baggy pants, the latest street footwear, a t-shirt sporting his own graffiti artwork/logo, flashy jewelry and be standing in front of a hot new sports car and be armed with guns. A metal band maybe clad in leather and spikes, dripping fake blood and wearing face paint, standing near a grave yard on a dark and dreary day holding axes or chainsaws. Though it may seem the most stereotypical thing you can do, it does give the right first impression and not a misleading one.

#2 Budgeting

This includes: location set-up or reservation/rental, photographer expenses, photography equipment rental/expenses, travel expenses, food/drink expenses, costumes/props/accessories and other expenses that pertain to your shoot

There are a lot of expenses to consider for just one photo, and not all of the above will pertain to your exact situation. To save money, you could find a cheap professional photographer or get a friend that knows what they’re doing to take the photos for you if you’re really good you could even take the photos yourself! If you are doing it yourself or with an amateur your best bet would be to take LOTS of photos no less than 100 to start. You may find 5 out of the 100 that are worthy enough to be considered for your final press photo.

#3 Time Management
This includes: Getting everyone including the photographer together on the same day at the same time in the right place! If you’re renting a facility, equipment, costumes, props, etc. you will also have to make sure that you have all of those available on the day/time of your shoot.

Time management is possibly the most stressful aspect of putting together a shoot, make sure to compensate and leave lots of extra time in case something unexpected happens! Don’t expect your shoot


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