How to succeed in retail

How to succeed in retail

Appearing confident, a love of people and a passion for meeting the needs of people through sales. If you have these three traits you will succeed in retail and make a lot of money! Money is a great motivator for most of us, including myself. When you are knowledgeable and excited about a product, you are guaranteed success.

The money will come when you have found a connection with your potential customers. By getting to know your customer through small talk; you will learn the needs that they have. If you are a car salesperson you might ask them how far they drive to work, how many people are in their family, and if they need to to tow a vehicle. By finding answers to simple questions like these, you will be able to offer them a car that would fulfill their needs.

Your love of people will show through in your enthusiasm about the product you are selling. If you believe in the product you have to present, your excitement will show through your presentation to your customers. By believing in a product, you will have a natural tendency to show your customers that you also believe in yourself. A confident person will succeed. Look your customers straight in the eye and speak with them. It is extremely important that you do not speak at your customers, but engage in a conversation. This will help you learn more about your customers. When you speak, make sure your customers can hear you. If they can’t hear your or understand what you are saying, there is a good chance that they won’t be in your store too long. They will probably venture down the street to another retail store. Take advantage of the opportunity to find their wants and needs. They will buy from someone, why not you?

People from all walks of life make up our potential customers in the retail industry today. You will need to be flexible and realize that each person is an individual with unique wants and needs. When you can key into the desires of your customers, you will be guaranteed success. Sometimes a customer will say no the first time. But, if you have given them great service and shown them respect, they will come back to you. By being respectful towards all customers that walk into your business, you will be respected.

Make your career in retail fun! Life is too short to work in a line of work you don’t enjoy. Enjoy the happiness that your customers feel when they drive off the car lot in that new car that you sold them. Smile with them as they wear that new leather jacket out the door of your store. There is a personal satisfaction that comes with being successful in retail.
Remember, behind every good sales person is a great customer. By listening to your customers and fulfilling their needs, you will be successful!

Retail is a great place to start your first job. My first job was in a clothing store, and i went from junior to store manager in 2 years. Patience, dedication, and my love for people got me there. To work in retail you need to have patience, if you don’t have patience then maybe retail is not a job for you, because there are going to be many moments where your patience will come in to play, whether its a customer, staff, or orders your patience is important and will get you a long way. You must have confidence and have the ability to talk to anyone, and not be judge-mental, greet everyone the same, help anyone who needs, they could be rude to you, they could be demanding, they could even smell really really bad, but your job is to assist them no matter what(unless they are being abusive, then call security). You must be clean and tidy, personal hygiene must be excellent,(including your breath) but most of all come to work on time, with a smile on your face and a positive attitude.

NEVER bring your personal life to work if your having a bad day then put it behind you because it makes you look bad its bad for business, and you may even find you lose customers because of it, customers want to feel good when they are in your store not feel awkward, uncomfortable, or threatened. You need to love people, have time for whatever they have to say, get to know there needs(very important if you have the same customers returning week after week). If your chosen retail job is fashion, don’t be afraid to tell a customer that something doesn’t suit them, you honesty is what they would appreciate more, knowing they can trust you will make them come back again. Respect yourself, respect your customers and you will find they respect you.

Get to know the store, know what sells and what doesn’t.Know the store, know what sells, know where everything is.

When ordering stock for the store, remember these things:
What sells the best
What doesn’t sell
Will you have enough stock till the next order
You must take into account, any days that are usually busy.
If there is other staff working in the store, work with them as a team, helping each other, and never argue in front of customers, treat other staff with respect. Like any job you never argue with your boss, your attitude to your boss should be the same as it is to your customers, follow orders, be punctual, be consistent, and always be doing something. From a managers point of view, standing round the till, talking on the phone(personal calls) and looking bored looks really bad not only for business but for yourself. The store must always be tidy, not cluttered and well organized making it easy for customers and for yourself.

When handle a complaint, or a abusive customer remember to keep cool calm and collect, listen to what the have to say and assist them in the best way that you can, your patience will prevent the customer from blowing up in rage, giving the store a good reputation.

When organizing the store ensure that customers can see what your store has to offer. New arrivals should be displayed in clear view from the outside, sign-age should look tidy and professional, bold and bright. Customers love sales so if your having a sale make sure that everyone knows your having a sale. When closing or before opening vacuum floors, clean mirrors, wipe down counter. Doing this keeps the store presentable and more attractive to customers.
Finally never steal, lie or abuse your position within the company.
Retail may not be for everyone but if you love people then this maybe the job for you, keep up the good work and move up the ladder, the opportunities are endless.

There are many different retail establishments around these days. Working in retail can be a rewarding experience. There is even the possibility that you could move up the career chain all the way to the top. If this is something that interests you, then you need to know what traits and skills you should possess to succeed in a retail environment.
The number one rule of retail is that the customer is always right. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but you may not have fully understood the implications of the statement. When you work in retail you will have to deal with all kinds of people, with many different personalities, and problems. No matter what kind of day you are having, you have to smile and help the customer. Some customers can be very difficult and demanding, but you just have to take it in stride. If you can keep a smile on your face, warmth in your voice, and help the customer with whatever they need, then you will go far in retail.

You also have to be flexible to work in retail. This trait will come into play in more than one way during your retail career. You may hire in as a cashier, but then an opening will come up in another department that your manager thinks you’d be great for. When they offer you this opportunity, don’t pass it up. Jump at the chance to learn new things whenever you can. The more you know about every aspect of the establishment, the farther you’ll go. So, even if you are nervous about trying something new, you should still do it, because it will benefit you in the long run. Another way flexibility will come in handy is with the hours you work. Quite a few retail jobs require you to work any hours and any days of the week. If you are capable of doing this, your manager will be more likely to look favorably on you when promotions come around.

One skill that is essential for retail is mathematical ability. If you run a cash register, you should be able to count back change without the computer telling you the correct amount, because sometimes computers go down, but sales go on. Also, for working in stores that do mark downs, being able to figure out the price after a certain percentage is taken off is very helpful. Customers will remember how helpful you were and come back to your store frequently. Often they will even put in a good word with your manager if you are able to help them quickly.

Some other things that will help you succeed in retail are patience, a strong work ethic, and punctuality. If you possess all of these traits, and are ready to work hard, you can go far. Give 100% to the job, leave the customers happy, always keep learning, and there is no telling how far you can go in your retail career.

As with anything that someone attempts to do, their main goal is to be successful. The person may get some kind of self satisfaction knowing what they do is good but it is even better when you are able to succeed beyond your own expectations. When it comes to working in the retail business, whether it is for someone else or for your own business venture, simple guidelines must be followed in order for you to become successful.

Succeeding in the retail business is enevitable as long as your are able stay within the boundaries of your abiliites. The retail business is made up of many facets. You start at the lower rung of the ladder then work your way to the top and higher paying posistions. This is the main goal for anybody. In some cases you may be fortunate to run your own retail business. Again, if you can stick to simple guidelines, you will find out that you will have a successful retail business.

When working for a retail company, you want to always show that you are part of the team. In most cases you are going to start at a low paying posistion. Everybody starts on the low end of the totem pole. This is actually a good thing. If you are able to work your way up through the company, it shows that you know all the facets and inner workings of the company. When the company is aware that you have shown the determination of working your way up through the company, the more apt they will be to hire you for higher level posistions. The main thing is that you want to learn all you can about the company and how they like to conduct business. If you can do that, you will see that you will become successful.

It is easy to succeed in the retail industry when and if you decide to start your own retail space. The main thing that you want to have is a solid business plan. Your business plan will give you pointers as far as what products to sell, how to accquire reliable distribution channels, and making sure to get backup and upfont capital to make sure the business becomes sustainable. If you are able to bring a good product or products to the public, keep the consumer satisfied, and be very courteous to your customers, they will keep coming back to your store and you will find out that you have a successful retail operation on your hands.

In the end, success in the retail industry can be achieved if you are able to preservere and look for the big picture of success in your respective company. Regardless if you work for another business or on your own, if you put your mind to it you will find out that you will be a very successful business person in the retail sector.

Where can a retail job lead? The sky is the limit. Retail sales is a great step into a sales career that can lead to income potential that is only limited by how hard you are willing to work.

The first step is landing that all important first job in retail and that is easier than you might think-if you can make a good first impression and show that you’re assertive enough for sales. Making a good first impression is important in every aspect of life and is one of the easiest things to learn to do. With a few tips and a little practice, it becomes second nature and has the potential for turning your life around. These helpful tips will help you succeed in getting a job, and then meeting your prospects and customers. You need to think in terms of the five senses that others use when they first meet you.

First, make sure you don’t have an "air" about you. Be clean, wear clean clothes, brush your teeth and use mouthwash and deodorant. Be conscious of cigarette smoke odors. Fewer people smoke today, and more people are offended by the smell of cigarette smoke on your breath or clothes. It is best not to wear perfume or any scent when you are meeting someone for the first time; there are many people who have allergies to perfumed products.

Second, check your appearance from top to bottom. Even if you can’t afford the best clothes, make sure they are clean, mended and pressed. Make sure your hair is neat, clean and attractively arranged. If you are female, wear minimal makeup and jewelry. Shoes should be appropriate and clean. Make certain that your hands and fingernails are as neat and clean as the rest of you.

Regardless of your gender, develop a firm handshake. To make your handshake memorable, spread your fingers out slightly; it will make your hand seem larger and will give you a little more strength in your grip. Give the same handshake regardless of gender. I have never met a woman who welcomed a limp handshake. Look the other person straight in the eye and smile as you shake their hands.

Repeat their name when it is given to you; concentrate so you will remember their name later. This will make them know you paid attention and will help you remember their name. Say your own name clearly and proudly and tell the other person you are pleased to meet them. Keeping a genuine smile on your face, like you’re really pleased to meet that person, will help them think highly of you, especially if you are maintaining eye contact. The best time to break eye contact is when you are speaking, not when they are.

Once you have the job, learn all you can about customer service and demonstrate that you can learn about the products, are willing to put in the hours and are in it for the long haul.

How to succeed in retail

Once you have a sales job on your resume, look at other, bigger opportunities for income. What interests you? Automobiles? Insurance? Real Estate? Every single product we buy to exist was someone’s job to sellthe choices are limitless. You only need to learn the new "product" and off you go, into your new career.

There are a number of assets that one must have in order to succeed in retail. Staying on top of whom, what, how, and where your customers are coming from will help lead to your success in retail. The ability to showcase your products and market to a large audience is imperative. Keeping the appearance of your goods neat and organized will help with the final sales of your items.

One of the largest key factors in retail is to have an upbeat and personable attitude. No one is going to buy what is being sold from someone who reeks of negative body language. When someone shows that he or she is uninterested in the customer or in the merchandise it is a turnoff. Therefore, you must show deep interest and passion for what is being sold. Your awareness will help to turn the customer on to what you are tying to sell.

Some might think that retail is simply standing behind a desk and being a clerk. This is a common misconception that will only lead to downfall. Being aware of your customer’s moods, habits, likes and dislikes are all terms of succeeding in retail. Without proper research and knowledge a person’s career in retail can suddenly flop. It is essential that one stays on top of the times and listens to the customer’s wants and desires.

It doesn’t matter if the person displaying the merchandise is in love with it. All that matters is that the customers find it appealing. People get into trouble when they are caught up in their personal needs, likes, and dislikes. In order to succeed in retail you must focus solely on the customers. Once they are satisfied and purchasing the items in front of them, you will be satisfied.

The layout of the store is another aspect of retail. In order to succeed, the customers must be able to navigate through the merchandise easily. Proper maintenance will lead to your success in retail. This is another subject that you might want to research. Studies show that the ordinary customer will make their way into the store leaning toward the right hand side. They will then navigate in a circle around the rest of the area. Therefore, layout is essential. Use this information to your benefit and success in retail.

Finally, if you show interest in your customers, you will be successful in retail. When the customers are your main concern your sales will sky rocket. Keeping their needs at the top of your priority list will lead your career in retail on to success. With a positive attitude and customer awareness your success in retail is inevitable!

A land of abusive customers and ignorant service staff. Isn’t it strange how we all detest poor service yet reflecting upon ourselves do we actually offer good service?

Retail contains a mind field of issues that at times makes it hard for one to maintain a serene expression. There are known factors for both sides; a warm greeting, an acknowledged interest in what the customer is saying, a fast efficient transaction, a simple smile. Doesn’t sound too hard until you are approached by a person who is taking out their bad day on you.

People of today are too rushed with modern electronic efficiencies to actually acknowledge your greeting. They are too self centred to have their eyes meet yours. We are in a now generation that wants everything . . . well . . . now! It is this generation who are behind our counters at the fast food joints earning a little cash for college. It is this generation who do not wish to serve you as they should be doing something better. Or because this is not their ultimate career choice. Do they not realize that the skills they learn to day will carry them a long way in business? To become a success no matter what they wish to achieve.

Retail teaches you to communicate with people from all walks of life. To actually listen to their words and understand what they are after. To succeed in retail you need to understand the product you are selling and how it best suits the need of each particular buyer. Not what you think they should have based on your own desires, but what they truly need.

If you can achieve this listening skill you have made it a step closer to becoming a great sales person. Presenting a product to them in a manner that they understand; to make them realize they cannot live without it; makes you a better negotiater. It allows you to find the wording you need to suit your audience. Surely this is a skill worth holding onto in life presenting your case and having others agreeing?

The key to being a great sales person in retail means achieving the old adage of a win-win situation. A customer should leave a store believing they got the best possible product for their needs at the best possible price. With that they should believe that the sales person cared and was sincere. The win on your behalf is that you achieved a sale, at a profitable margin, were well received by the customer with an expectation that they would return for future purchases. Simple.

A smile is free and surprisingly it is contagious.

Retail is defined as the selling of goods by businesses directly to the consumer. Retail outlets can be small ‘corner shops’ specialising in one product or big outlets like supermarkets which sell a wide range of goods. There are several factors that contribute to making a retail store a success and some of these are listed below:

Consumers are one of the key factors that determine the success of a retail business. Their loyalty to the business is what keeps the business running and also brings in the profit. If you are a small retail outlet, it is vital to have a good rapport with the customers who come and buy from your store on a regular basis. This rapport becomes more than a customer/retailer relationship as the shopkeeper keeps up to date with not just listening to, but also meeting the demands of his customers. Some of the older customers come into the shop just so that they can have a chat and talk about their lives in addition to picking up some sweets or a packet of frozen vegetables.

This relationship does not develop on the same level in large retail outlets where the personal touch is missing. There might be a smaller degree of it present when you see the familiar staff members who greet you and make you feel welcome but the whole shopping experience is more detached. The needs of the consumers are monitored using more sophisticated methods rather than through verbal and personal contact as in the case of a smaller store.

The location of a retail outlet is also a factor that contributes to its success. Busy areas are better because of a larger number of potential customers and easier access to facilities like cash and carrys, banks and transport links.Having a budget is a very important part of every business. Every expense of the business should be monitored with monthly reports to ensure that the income being earned is enough to pay all the debts. If this is not done on a regular basis, then a business can easily run into financial problems and close down.Product knowledge and keeping up to date with changes in the demands of the customers is also a factor that determines the success of a retail outlet. Any changing market trends should be reflected in the products that are sold.Advertising is also a good way to stay on top of competition. Any new products should be easily visible and displayed in strategic areas of the store. They should be well labelled with easy access to them and not placed too high up on the shelves. New offers should also be visible to customers as they walk into the store as should signs of sales and promotions being offered.Keeping prices competitive so that your products are cheaper than other outlets that sell the same kind of goods is another good policy to have. This does not mean that the quality of the product should suffer but the key is to sell good quality but reasonably priced goods so that the customer comes back to you again. Customer feedback is vital and surveys can be done to ensure this is done.It is vital that food products are regularly checked for their sell by dates. The freezers and other electrically maintained units should have the temperature level that is checked regularly.Good health and safety standards should be followed by all retail outlets no matter what their size. The cleanliness of the store should be maintained at all times and it should be regularly dusted and cleaned. Window should be clean with window displays that are regularly changed to attract passing trade.The staff of the store should be helpful and friendly and well versed with what they are selling to be able to help the customers with any queries that they might have. In the same way the manager of a smaller outlet should be available to his customers for any queries or problem solving. Regular meetings with the staff should be arranged by the manager so that any issues are resolved immediately and the staff are happy with how they are being treated. Their morale will be passed on and reflected to the customers that they meet and greet in the store.Networking with other business owners around the area will keep the retailer aware of what is happening in the area and also help to establish good business relationships.

The way to succeed in retail is just to remember, buy low and sell high. Is it really that simple? Unfortunately no and many businesses that have been successful retailers have had to follow that principle and a lot more. But that is the basic tenet to having a successful retail business.

What are some of the other concerns that one needs to keep in mind? First and foremost, market focus. What items are you looking at selling and to whom? Committing your life’s savings to purchase a boat selling business without any customers will guarantee you will fail. Likewise purchasing seeds to sell to farmers who want livestock, won’t work as well. This is the process of objectively looking at what you intend to sell and who the customer ("target market") is. It is important that this be done without emotion and with feedback from others. Believe it or not, folks will not line up at your door to buy a rubber ball designed to squirt grape jelly. You may think it’s hilarious but if your customers don’t, they won’t purchase it.

Let’s assume you’ve decided to sell hair ribbons that have a small pouch where little sachets can be inserted to provide different scents. Your best friends Joan, Susan and Dave (not for him, for his wife) think this is an excellent idea. The four of you have done some field checking with females and it appears the most likely customers would be teenage girls with long hair. Now the next issue is where are you going to retail this?

Location is critical, if you sell this yourself, this will ensure you get the best profit margin but there will be a whole host of issues to resolve such as rental for your sales space, utilities, cash registers, telephone, credit card machine, pre-printed bags, etc and is a lot of work to go through for just selling hair ribbons. Careful planning at this part, will allow you to minimize your expenses otherwise you will need to keep on increasing the price of the ribbons, which may not be a good idea.

Another possibility is you negotiate with someone who has an existing store space but they will not be paying you the full retail price but a substantially lower price (also known as wholesale price). You’re only hope at this point is they sell a lot so you can make profit on volume (also known as volume sales).

One could go door to door to sell this or perhaps walk the streets to sell the ribbon. Sounds good right? You don’t have the headache of getting a store space nor do you have to worry about sharing profits with a store owner. Unfortunately, if the success of your business depends on a steady stream of customers, this approach means you need to be like a shark and constantly get new customers. Why? Because you have no permanent location so if someone wants to purchase more ribbons, unless they happen to see you on the street they won’t have that chance and could go to someone else selling hair ribbons (also known as competitors.) So location of your business is a concern.

Let’s talk about pricing. Earlier I made a comment on the permanent location that you would need to increase the price of the ribbons to cover expenses and said it may not be a good idea. In Economics (the study of how money is spent) there is something called equilibrium price. Without going into a headache inducing derivation, it says there is a relationship between the amount of an item and the price someone is willing to pay. For example, why are diamonds so expensive? Basically many folks would like one and they’re in short supply. Let’s say you found a diamond mine in back of your house with an infinite supply of high quality diamonds.

The first things most folks would do is to grab as many as they could and hot foot it to their local jeweler. The jeweler would look at it and agree they were high quality. He purchases the first batch for $1000 a carat. You head home and grab another batch then show up at the jeweler again and expect $1000 a carat. Unfortunately he looks at the load and shaking his head said since this will increase the number of diamonds he has for sale, he’ll have to lower his prices to get people to buy it. So he offers $500 a carat. You head home again and grab a third load then head to the jeweler. He looks at the load and apologizes and says he will not buy it because he still hasn’t sold the first two loads. This is also referred to as "flooding the market". What just happened was you drastically increase the supply of diamonds but unfortunately the demand didn’t increase as fast. So the concept here is that it is possible to charge too high a price for your item.

Looking at your little hair ribbon business, it looks simple enough to do yourself but after working in your little store 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, you’re exhausted. The logical thing to do is to bring in help, right? Once again, you don’t get something for nothing and if you hire full-time workers (usually 35 hours or more a week), they will cost roughly $1.40 for each $1 they get paid. This is because according to most state and Federal laws, you need to provide medical, dental insurance, prescription, retirement, etc for full-time workers.

The other way to do this is to use only part-time workers. This has its own special challenges and you will mostly get transient workers. Kids who are looking for a job while college is on break or retirees or folks actively looking for another job and every time they leave, you will work extra hours till a replacement worker is hired and trained. Some businesses do a combination with managers being full-time and the workers are part-time. In your case, that’s a lotta hair ribbons that need to sell to support this kind of labor.

So how does one succeed in retail? Address the basic issues such as Market Focus (What are you selling and who is going to buy it?), Location (where are you going to sell your item?), Pricing (is your price too high? is it too low?) and finally Labor (fulltime, parttime workers? work by yourself?) and always remember buy low and sell high.

From the outside looking in, retail looks like a simplistic industry that requires very little skill or understanding. That’s what I originally thought when I started out, twenty years ago. Retail, of any sort, is anything but simple. It takes patience, organization and a full working knowledge of how a successful business operates, especially if you intend to be a retail manager. I was fortunate early in my career to have mentors who believed in me, and who taught me everything I needed to know to succeed. With nostalgia and a clear mindset of how retail works today, I have very specific pointers for anyone interested in knowing what skills it takes to succeed in retail, especially if you’re a retail manager.

1. Treat the business as if it’s your own. Your name may not be on the front of the building, but the responsibility of its success lies on every manager running that business. Everything from profitability of the organization, to visual appeal of the merchandise and building, to providing superior customer service, all is the responsibility of management.
2. Time-management and organization are critical skills for a successful manager to have. Who, when and how, are three questions you need to ask yourself, before delegating a task. Who will do the work and are they up to the challenge? Is the job taking place so not to interfere with customer service? How is the job going to be completed? Communicating when and how the assignment is to be completed are crucial to the associate assigned to the job. Providing them with specific direction and time-management guidelines will help them, and you, insure everything is completed with utmost efficiency.Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. New managers are especially guilty of missing this important step. They presume too much that what they communicate is understood. My best advice to any manager is to assume that you’re speaking Greek and your staff speaks any other language but Greek. Communicating and then following up is so important because checking up, insures that the task gets done right, the first time. Nothing frustrates an associate more then having to do something over. Having things done right the first time, will make you feel more productive as well.Are you a people person? Do you like working with people? Can you accept that working with people is a daily challenge? There are so many different personalities out there and learning how to work with them all, can be a daunting task. Fortunately, the perk is that you get the opportunity to touch many lives. Being a manager has the benefit of being a teacher, where you have the opportunity to develop an individual to their full potential.Learn to multi-task. This is a tough skill to master but will eventually come easier the longer you work in retail. Basically, no matter how big or how small the business is, you’re required to wear many "hats" throughout the course of your day. As a retail manager you’re part store manager (even if you’re an assistant), part human resource manager, part merchandiser, part loss prevention manager, part stockperson, and part customer service representative. Your job is multi-dimensional so, hopefully, you’re capable of juggling.6. Be prepared to become an amateur psychologist. This mainly relates to your staff. There will inevitably be employee strife between co-workers. Listening and becoming an impartial judge, fortunately becomes easier as you’re forced to develop this skill on a semi-regular basis.Your life is no longer your own, at least, at first. The business world has become a twenty-four/seven enterprise. You will be expected to work based on business needs not on your own personal needs. You will work an erratic schedule that includes nights, weekends and holidays and any set structure is non-existent. Basically, in order to have a satisfying personal life, you need to plan that as strategically as you plan your business. The manager, who’s the most organized at work, and at life, is the one who usually gets the opportunity to take their vacation when they want. It can be done, but you have to be a good planner, to have the kind of life you want outside of work. Take an interest in what’s profitable. This will not only help your business’ bottom line but the overall stability of the company. Not everything out there is profitable. For instance, clothing and bedding have a larger markup percentage then electronics which have a low markup percentage. Yes, electronics are high ticket items and it looks good on the surface that you’re selling these big ticket items, but they don’t generate the kind of profit necessary to make your company truly profitable.Be willing to pass on your knowledge and train your staff. You’re only as successful as the people who work under you. If they aren’t properly trained and developed, there’s no hope for you or the business succeeding. What you know or learn along the way, unless deemed confidential by the company, is not a secret and the knowledge should be passed on. Don’t be afraid that someone is going to take your job. As long as you’re doing a good job, there’s no reason for you to lose it. Besides, mentoring is very fulfilling, especially when your trainee succeeds and grows with the business.

Although success is often based on numbers, there are many other types of achievements that are as rewarding as the financial gains. Making a customers day, promoting an associate or watching a business change for the better due to your hard work, are all worthwhile accomplishments. The economy is tough right now, but if you look at it as a challenge to overcome, rather than as the gloom and doom of an era, you’re more likely to see your business prosper. It’s easy when sales and profits are high. The key is to work smart through the financial challenges. The sooner you learn the business, love it, and become one with it, the closer you are to becoming a successful retail manager.


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