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How Buddhism differs from other religions

In speaking of how Buddhism differs from other religions, is in itself, not necessary. It is believed that everyone has Buddha nature in-born. This is the ability to feel compassion for those who are suffering. How do you determine this compassion? It is said that if you have two groups of people... More

How to achieve plumper lips

How to Achieve the Perfect Pout! Ever wished you had Kylie's Teeth? Ever Wished you had Lips as full as Angela Jolie? Well here's a basic Step-by-Step guide to show you how! Lip Liner, Lip stick, Lip Brush, Clean brush (preferably with a slant), white eye-pencil, Lip Gloss, Toothbrush, Liquid... More

How to prepare a basic omelet

The absolute delights of a warm, light, fluffy omelette with a softly set centre are hard to beat. It is quickly prepared, nutritious, has easily sourced ingredients and no technical skill required. Simply follow my recipe and enjoy for a snack or light meal. Add saute potatoes and salad for a... More

How to decorate cakes

Have you always wanted to know the basics to decorating a cake? Well now you can and it's so simple! I'm going to give you five easy steps to decorating any cake with a minimal amount of tools so you don't need all those expensive professional tools. Step One: After baking your cake, let's say a... More

How to get rid of roaches

The simple and easy way to get rid of all of them is to buy a product that has been on the market forever. This product is not a spray but a powder and it really works. As with all poisons you have to use caution in where you put it and how much you put down. If you have children and pets you... More

How to play poker

Is it pretty? Is it tech-no colored? Well stop it, and visualize a plain deck of cards, this will be complicated enough without the frills. In a standard deck of cards you have four suits, two red and two black. These suits are Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs and Spades. Each suit has an ace, a jack, a... More

How to develop leadership skills

Leadership is the way by which an individual can convince another to make his vision a reality and runs an organization with confidence and conviction. This is done by having belief in ones self, possessing the right values and ethics pertaining to an honorable character which others can look... More

How trojan programs harm your computer

It is an astonishing statistic that Seven out of every Ten computer users do not know what a Trojan Horse virus is or what it can actually do once it has compromised their computers. If you are one of these Seven people then please read on because you really need to understand exactly what can... More

How to program yourself for success

Professional athletes understand that there is a special place where all the physical conditioning, practice, mental training, and conditioning come together and it becomes easy to win. Some call it "the zone." The entire team comes together as one man with a common belief that not only is winning... More

How to judge a diamond

What is Diamond certification? A Diamond certificate can be known by several different names, such as "Diamond grading report", "Diamond Dossier", and "Diamond Quality Document". Despite the name, these documents will try to give a report on the overall quality of a Diamond, however not the... More