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How to fail with Googles search engine

It doesn't take much to make a Googlebot angry. And it certainly doesn't take much to confuse one of these script-bits that swarm the web like those killer ants. And while there is no absolute consensus on the negative ranking factors employed by Google, there is general agreement on how to avoid... More

How to drive through a tire blowout

I was away working for a siding company in Connecticut in 1986 and had been away from my family for thirty one days. The work in my hometown was sparse as the mills had recently closed so I had made a phone call and on a prayer and a wing I left for my journey. I never knew what a revealing... More

How to stop aphids and other bugs from attacking your plants

The aphid is a common garden pest that can weaken and kill your plants. They prefer soft new growth, especially if you use commercial fertilizers that make your plants grow very fast. This often results in lots and lots of lush, tender new leaves. Aphids will attack many common garden plants... More

How to cook great fluffy rice

Rice, a staple food for almost two thirds of the world's population with more than 40,000 varieties worldwide! To cook the perfect rice we must first choose the appropriate variety, as not all rice is equal. There are two basic categories of rice, whole grain and white rice. Whole grain rice... More

How to conduct your best business with the right cash register

Cash registers are an important function of businesses today, and since their invention in 1879, cash registers have become almost symbolic of the fast exchange of merchandise and commerce throughout the world. They are efficient and effective in ways ranging from stopping employee theft to... More

How to choose the best debt consolidation plan

Know your credit score! The first step in controlling your debt is knowing your credit score. a)What is a credit score? Your credit score is a three digit number ranging from 300 to 850 that is the key to your borrowing costs. (*)Why is your credit score important? A credit score is used by a... More

How to become a spiritual warrior

To those who are aware and to those who are unaware. Those who recognize and acknowledge, and those who remain ignorant so disregard. Which goes to say there are two types of spiritual warriors. Those who are aware so are active, and those who act without knowing. The human concept of reality lays... More

How to make your computer run faster

How to make your computer run faster is important to any serious computer user who experiences unexplained slowdowns in performance from a system. Here some basic things to keep in mind: Keep viruses, spyware, adware, and other malicious software at bay with at least a monthly thorough scanning... More

How the Internet has changed home life

How The Internet Has Changed Home Life There is a new addition to the family: The Internet. The internet has made an appearance in my home in 1996 and there are some advantageous and disadvantageous to having the internet. The first advantage to having the internet in the home, is that information... More

How many types of vegetarians are there and what is the origin of the principal?

Vegetarianism: How and Why. Have you ever considered becoming a vegetarian? How many people would consider becoming a vegetarian if they knew what becoming a vegetarian entailed and how to be a vegetarian without putting your health at risk? I have considered becoming a vegetarian and I know many... More