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How to palm spin a bo staff

"How To Do a Bo Staff Palm Spin" Though the majority of karate, literally meaning "empty fist", is a martial art that does not use weapons, it would be foolish for a combat system devised to overthrow an oppressive occupying army to completely disregard them. It was originally devised by the... More

How to prepare and apply pottery glazing

In the ceramic industry there are two types of glazes, one made from a recipe and commercial glazes. Most commercial glazes are offered in a standard pint size. For greater volume, a potter could order the glaze in a gallon or in a dry form to be mixed with water like a recipe. Glazes made from a... More

How to block spyware

To block spyware is doable with the proper attitude and mindset to prevent other people from controlling your computer. Criminal hackers love to use spyware in combination with virus attacks to gain control of computers in order to find ways to take money or property from computer users and... More

How to clean leather tack

Note-While you are cleaning the leather, take advantage of the opportunity to check for cracks, mold and tears that might affect the use of the leather. Repair or replace any pieces that are too damaged to be useful. Step 1-Pick a piece of leather to clean, grab the cleaning sponge and wring out... More

How to decorate and stage your home for a quick sale

House hunting can often be a lot like "speed dating". If you've ever been house hunting, you can see the similarities. Your agent takes you to six or more houses in a single afternoon. Within minutes, you'll reject most choosing possibly one or two properties to go back to for a second look. And... More

How to avoid Internet scams

Part 1 Internet Scams and Rip-Offs Scams, hoaxes, fraud and chain letters are an everyday risk in our lives. While most would be deliberate attempts by unscrupulous people to make money, create havoc with out computer systems or seek attention, a few are possibly unintentional actions which result... More

How to reduce dust in your house

At times it can feel as if all that you do, when you are cleaning your home, is shuffle the dust around your home, without ever actually getting rid of any of it. As dust can arise from almost anything, in your home, it is no easy task controlling and removing it. However, as with most things,... More

How to tell people their behavior is unacceptable to you

Telling a person their behavior is unacceptable can be difficult especially if you really don't know that person very well. There definitely is a right way to tell a person their behavior is making you uncomfortable or annoyed. Expressing your feelings towards some one who is annoying and making... More

How to fix rust spots on a car

How to fix rust spots on a car is dependent on just what the rusty area consists of. Looks can be deceiving. What many people refer to as surface rust may not be surface rust at all. The only time true surface rust happens is when the finish on the car is scratched or chipped to the extent bare... More

How to improve your personality

Negative feelings, insecurities, these are two of many concepts which individuals struggle with throughout life, resulting in an individual to be unsure of who they are. There are many self-help books published in stores world wide, created by all different authors, promoting one to become content... More