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How to dress for an interview

An individual who is looking for a future and long lasting relationship with any company should dress according to the expected norm. Of course, some potential candidates entering the workforce may test that norm with inappropriate attire. Inappropriate attire on an interview may cause you to be... More

How to become a better person

I believe that no matter how great the person they will always feel as if there is room for improvement. This is a fact that many of us face each day we wake up. We think about how we shouldn't have done what we did or how we wish we had handled something differently. I personally look back on my... More

How to build a wooden planter

Pass the Measuring Tape, Please? " That spot in the back yard, you know, the sunny corner right beside the porch, would look a lot nicer with a handsome wooden planter " your wife comments, stirring her coffee thoughtfully. "You can build one, maybe rustic, I like cedar." "Maybe we can go buy one... More

How to find the lowest gas prices in your area

I suppose a better way to address this issue would be how to save money on gas. There are ways to find cheap gas...if you know where to look. First, allow me to make a plug for a terrific website, Many of you have probably heard of Sometimes euphemistically referred... More

How to appropriately reject a job offer

Rejecting a job can be a difficult part in a job search. Before you reject a job, you need to think about why you are rejecting it. Is it the pay? The hours? The environment? Found another job? A better job? It could be so many different things and you need to know what your reasoning is. Spend a... More

How to build an outdoor flower pot wall shelf for garden decoration

Decorating your outside wall with flower pots is an idea that is popular around the world. Half pots and baskets overflowing with plants are seen a lot in European cities. However, with these on-the-wall planters comes the mess of creeping plants and dripping water. Neater than hanging plant... More

How to more effectively recruit volunteers

Recruiting volunteers is a bigger challenge than ever. Young men and women are employed and busy with growing families. The number of single-parent families has increased. Baby Boomers are moving into retirement age and they want to keep on working. Non-profit agencies and faith-based... More

How to get black dye out of your hair

Did you hurriedly grab the wrong shade of haircolor? Did your sister call just as you applied your color and you remembered you had color on your hair one hour later? This is real life, and it's entirely possible you're now sporting a shiny black color Marilyn Manson (and only Marilyn Manson)... More

How polygamy harms mankind

I have a personal knowledge of the destructive power of polygamy. I am close friends with people who were brought up in a polygamous religious organization. Mind you, this organization only adopted the doctrine of polygamy about 15 years ago. Pretty standard I guess for these kinds of sects. One... More

How much should you feed Pomeranians?

The oldest is Bambi, an eight year old, and her adopted daughter is Peanut, who is only six months old. The difference in each dog's appetite and taste is worlds apart. Bambi loves certain dry foods, and Peanut will knock you over for wet foods. The key to knowing how much to feed your Pomeranian... More