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How to make your ex jealous

It's a truly immature concept, there will be no arguments from me. The mature adult simply accepts that their relationship is over, and takes strides towards moving on from the whole ordeal. The reality is, however, that sometimes no matter how old we are, the break up is simply not mature.... More

How to have a safe Peace Corps life abroad

When I told my family that I would be serving as an English teacher with the Peace Corps in Lesotho, many of their responses bordered on fear. My grandmother especially thought that Africa was a dangerous place and as a young woman, I wouldn't be safe on my own. I saw serving in the Peace Corps as... More

How are ethnic minorities portrayed in the media

Native Americans are often shown is a wide variety of images. Many of these depictions reinforce stereotypes of American Indians. Indians wear buckskins and feathers; they are unintelligent brutes; they attack peaceful white settlers; they are fading anachronisms of the western landscape. The... More

How to hypnotize someone

How to secretly hypnotize someone in three minutes or less It takes less than 10 minutes to hypnotize somebody, bearing in mind that not everyone can be hypnotized and the ways to hypnotize are easy and straight forward. It is important to know that hypnosis works on someone who is willing to be... More

How to keep your teeth for life

It isn't so hard to keep your teeth for life. All it involves is good dental hygiene and a nourishing diet. If your mouth is over-crowded then it is important to be seen by an orthodontist who willoffer advice on teeth extraction and straightening. This will then make keeping your teeth for... More

How much does culture and lifestyle affect behavior?

A question that comes up frequently in many conversations is how does culture and lifestyle affect behavior? Culture is a set of shared beliefs and attitudes by a group of people whereas lifestyle is a chosen way of living. To question whether culture and lifestyle affect behavior is to imply... More

How to look inside a proton

A proton has a diameter of just 1 femtometer, or 0.000000000000001 meters. This is around 100,000,000,000 times smaller than this dot: . So, looking inside protons requires great ingenuity. In normal life we can use visible light to study objects. If we shine a light on something, the light bounces... More

How mountains are created and destroyed

Living at the foot of Pikes Peak brings a sense of awe and wonder. The massive rise of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains is and omnipresent symbol of the forces of geology. The colossal summit of these mountains, more than a mile above a city already more than a mile above sea level inspired... More

How to make invisible ink

Invisible ink is a form of stenography, which is simply the art of writing hidden messages without letting the recipient know that there is, in fact, a message being sent. There is another form that is close to this: cryptography is a message that the recipient must riddle out. However, it is not... More

How to create a beautiful table setting

The only thing better than enjoying a delicious meal is sitting down at a beautiful table to eat it! Here's how to set an interesting and memorable table your guests will talk about for weeks to come: Your theme is often dictated by the occasion, a holiday you're celebrating, or the season of the... More