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How to keep a good skin

How to keep good skin is as simple as eating the right foods and following a simple skincare routine. Having a healthy lifestyle will go a long way to keeping your skin in good condition. Maintain a well balanced diet, which includes five plus a day of fruit and vegetables. Drink six to eight... More

How to stop the bickering with your ex

One of the biggest obstacles to effective co-parenting is communication. You may find yourself in a situation where one parent has a tendency to get angry or lose their temper at which point communication is difficult and almost impossible. In addition, if its being done in front of the children,... More

How multinationals have altered the business environment

It's no secret that the combined efforts of each and every huge multinational corporation have put millions of people within the United States of America out of work and/or deep financial difficulty. Some say that those owners and those controllers of those huge multinational oil companies have... More

How Special Olympics offers hope

One definition of hope is to believe in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life, believing that a better or positive outcome is possible even when there is some evidence to the contrary. The whole purpose behind Special Olympics is to provide people with intellectual... More

How exercise at the gym compares to hiking on the trail

A varied exercise regimen is important to maintaining motivation. Exercising at the gym and hiking outdoors both offer superb fitness benefits. Try to exercise both indoors and out to vary your routine and keep your workouts stimulating. Exercising at the gym provides a chance to participate in... More

How to keep the bees away from a camping site

With summer time picnics and other outdoor activities fast approaching, we need to exercise common sense. Bugs, bees, ants, snakes and other creepy crawlies will soon be everywhere and will no doubt cause many problems to many people so I have some quick common sense tips to share to make your... More

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Seeking of the mysterious disappearing chucked wood. Once upon a time, in a sun soaked raisin filled land of "Improbables". There lived a Tongue named Twister. A charming and polite tongue he was. Always ready to solve mysteries. Today was no exception. A new mystery lurked in the sun, soaked... More

How to make your ex jealous

It's a truly immature concept, there will be no arguments from me. The mature adult simply accepts that their relationship is over, and takes strides towards moving on from the whole ordeal. The reality is, however, that sometimes no matter how old we are, the break up is simply not mature.... More

How to have a safe Peace Corps life abroad

When I told my family that I would be serving as an English teacher with the Peace Corps in Lesotho, many of their responses bordered on fear. My grandmother especially thought that Africa was a dangerous place and as a young woman, I wouldn't be safe on my own. I saw serving in the Peace Corps as... More

How are ethnic minorities portrayed in the media

Native Americans are often shown is a wide variety of images. Many of these depictions reinforce stereotypes of American Indians. Indians wear buckskins and feathers; they are unintelligent brutes; they attack peaceful white settlers; they are fading anachronisms of the western landscape. The... More