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How to make a birdfeeder with a plastic soda bottle

The cheapest birdfeeder you can hang out for the birds is one you made yourself! Before you start, gather the 4 things you will make your feeder out of. First, save a big soda bottle, one with a big lid will be easier to fill. Second, raid the kitchen drawers for a nice length of string or wire to... More

How to tell if youre being spiritually abused

Physical, sexual, psychological and spiritual abuse all have one thing in common: There is an abusive individual responsible. If you are currently being abused, please remember that the only blame that falls to you is if you perpetuate the abuse you have lived through on another victim ... More

How to be classy without being rich

Class has more to do with how you carry yourself and deal with others than how much money you have in the bank. Being rich doesn't necessarily mean being classy, and the reverse is true as well. Show you've got class by following these easy tips: Don't talk about money. Apart from a few... More

How to impress a girl

Your Next First Date: The FIVE THINGS A Guy Should NEVER Do On a First Date - Unless He Doesn't Want a Second Date, That Is... Do you have a history of First Dates? Have you ever met someone wonderful, enjoyed a great lunch or dinner together, only to have it turn to mush after you left the... More

How to look chic

What is a chic? Do you have to be in the latest fashion to be called a chic? How can we say we're a chic? How do you define a chic? Does a chic have to be wearing all the latest clothes, fashion accessories or jewelries, up to date purses, nice shoes and driving the latest car (and what type). How... More

How to survive a doomsayer

There are some people in this world who get their kicks out of coming up with the most absurd tales of doom. To these people the world is going to the hot place in a hand basket, and everyone is going with them. Some people think they are prophets of things too come, and will follow them to the... More

How airplanes measure speed and altitude

Speed and altitude are two of the most important things a pilot needs to know during a flight. Failure of these instruments can lead to a "controlled flight into terrain", hypoxia from excessive altitude, a stall or a dangerous over-speed. All of these situations can lead to a very bad... More

How to prepare for a job interview

A job interview is the one opportunity to give your best presentation regarding your eligibility for employment. Appearance, intelligence, marketability, and a positive attitude are all areas that a recruiter will be evaluating as a basis to make a hiring decision. Regardless of the position you... More

How many calories a day do teens need?

Because of their growing and changing bodies teens need a lot more calories than you might expect, and many more than an overly self-conscious teen may wish to eat. Just like with adults, how many calories he or she will need will depend entirely on the amount of activity that the teen gets daily,... More

How to save money when buying furniture

There are many ways to save money when buying furniture. A lot depends on a person's expectations, of course. If they want up-market furniture that's all brand new and want a particular style or timber, then the opportunities for bargain deals will be much more limited. For those with more open... More