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How to determine the right fly for the right fish

There are many factors to be considered when making fly selection. Weather conditions, time of year, temperature, species of fish, location, and many other things affect what you should choose to fool the fish. If it is cold weather and no fish are rising, small nymphs are usually the ticket.... More

How to stop drinking

That is kinda like being a lapsed Catholic without the guilt. How did I become a drunk, well it took some work but I had a head start. My Daddy was a drunk, so was his Daddy. Mom? You guessed it, another drunk; so were two of my Uncles and my maternal Grandfather. Nothing like good genetics to give... More

How to develop your own style

that certain something that can hover about you like a haunting piece of music, caress you like the most luxurious silk, send shooting stars off your heels leaving a dazzled throng in your wake or makes the most subtle of statements that linger and provoke all manner of On the... More

How to germinate seeds and start your own bedding plants

Walking past a display in a discount bargain store, I noticed flower seeds priced at ten packages for a dollar. Surely I could plant these seeds and produce plants of the same quality as those expensive bedding plants sold at the local nursery! I have started bedding plants often and to do this... More

How to adjust your cars headlights

Adjusting your headlights is a job most everyone should be able to do and you should do on a regular basis. You should check your headlight adjustment about once a year and anytime something changes on your car that might move your headlights out of alignment. Headlights become misaimed from a... More

Girls: How to achieve an emo hair style

The whole point of an Emo hairstyle is to be unique. This particular type hairstyle allows you to be free and show off your artistic freedom. Okay, first off you really need to decide if you will dye your hair or not. When it comes to Emo you see a lot of bright colors, but you can also stick with... More

How to secure Windows XP from viruses and trojans

Securing a system in today's global society has to take a multifaceted approach on the part the end user. No Operating System, software application, nor piece of hardware, has the ability to protect a system, without hands on participation. Let us first get a basic definition of Malware, for this... More

How do professional wrestling and mixed martial arts differ?

There are many reasons why professonial wrestling and mixed martial arts differ. Professional Wrestling is mostly about storylines, and it's a big soap opera. Whenever I watch professional wrestlling I tell everyone "I'm going to watch my soap opera now." Watching professional wrestling is still... More

How is the immune system affected by arthritis?

When an individual is diagnosed with arthritis, it is highly likely that the person's immune system is involved. In the various types of arthritis, different immune system markers are changed, hence this can be used as a diagnostic criteria for the different types of arthritis. A number of common... More

How to clean a dishwasher

After you've finished unloading your dishwasher, the last thing you are probably thinking is, "My, that dishwasher needs a good scrubbing." But like all of your other appliances, your dishwasher needs a little TLC to avoid becoming a UFO (unclean, funky object). The rule of cleaning applies on... More