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How to decorate a guest bedroom on a budget

For many years I lived in homes too small and cramped to allow for the luxury of a guest bedroom. Even in homes where space is not an issue the assigned space for guests is usually the poor relation' when it comes to furnishing and decorating but it will be your poor relations that are forced to... More

How to increase traffic to your blog

How Comments With Good Content Can Increasing Your Blogs Earning Potential I like to consider myself a pretty good blogger and one of the reasons I am one is because I take the time to read other peoples and learn from them. The one thing though that I find really irritating is the amount of inane... More

How to look your best after 50

Over fifty? Want to look ten to twenty years younger? Then take time out to sift through your wardrobe and throw-out anything that's old and makes you even look older. Young women wear open cleavage, short skirts and tight jeans and or tights. If you take a middle aged woman and picked out what... More

How to grow an easy flower garden

It is late May and I have returned from wandering about my garden. I am pleased to say that it has responded to my care and encouragement superlatively and I cannot help but smile a satisfied smile. My garden and I are one. My garden is in the process of being changed from a normal English garden... More

How is the struggle for water, such as in Ethiopia and Kenya, shaping conflicts in this century?

As the populations of Ethiopia and Kenya continue to grow, access to that most fundamental of all natural resources - water - is becoming ever more problematic. Ethiopian plans for irrigating 300,000 acres with water diverted from the Blue Nile will impact on nomadic and remote village... More

How aircraft propellers work

A propeller is a marvel of engineering that, in exception of the invention of the internal combustion engine, is probably the most important breakthrough to accomplish powered flight. Yet a propeller is nothing more than wings rotating around a hub. If you look at the cross section of a propeller,... More

How prosperity has overshadowed our values and beliefs

she's from serbia, and her accent is thick though she's been here for 8 years, and knows our pop culture inside out. perhaps because she's an artist painting and observing and expressing and all that. a foil for her petroleum-employed husband, planted in calgary to get the oil but not to get the... More

How to choose the right belt

Something as simple as that strip of leather, fabric, or metal, has the potential to be a very high impact fashion accessory. It's true. Choosing the right belt can make or break your look. Often we downplay, sometimes we even neglect, the importance of the belts we wear. Sadly, belt purchases are... More

How Christianity spread in the Roman Empire

Constantine was a hugely influential emperor who changed the course of history and greatly affected the spread and development of Christianity. How much do you know about him? Born at Naissus, Constantine was the son of Constantius I, a Caesar in the tetrarchy (a ruler, but not as powerful as an... More

How to choose a gerbil cage

Other than the actual gerbil itself, the cage will be the most important decision that you will make regarding your gerbil. This will be their home for most, if not all, of their lives. They will eat, sleep, play and decorate in it. After a short time, you will see just how important your decision... More