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How to succeed in retail

Appearing confident, a love of people and a passion for meeting the needs of people through sales. If you have these three traits you will succeed in retail and make a lot of money! Money is a great motivator for most of us, including myself. When you are knowledgeable and excited about a... More

How to do business in India

American companies doing business in India will likely encounter some stark differences between Eastern and Western cultures. The good news for them is that educated business people in India almost always speak nearly fluent English, so there isn't the same language barrier that they might... More

How to cold

A six-figure income within three years can be obtained from in-person cold-calling - on a one-call close basis - right today, in 2008. I used this sales method while contracted with a business-to-business newspaper advertising feature, and found it a lifesaver, despite management's opinion that... More

How to get a dog to stop barking

Are you wondering how to stop dog barking? Uncontrollable dog barking can be a huge frustration. You and the neighbors have had enoughbut what can you do? We have several tips that will help you put an end to dog barkingfor good! The first step to putting a stop to barking is understanding why... More

How Armed Forces Day is different from Veterans Day and Memorial Day

Did you know most Americans are confused about the purpose behind Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, and Armed Forces Day? It's true. Though all three honor the activities and accomplishments of our men and women who serve our country, many people don't know the difference between these three... More

How to effectively deal with complaints

Complaint handing or "service recovery" as it is currently known in my particular organization, may not be the most highly prized of job duties. However, handling complaints efficiently and effectively is an extremely important skill that many companies would do well to spend more time cultivating... More

How to know when to call the vet

Pets or "non-human family members" are an important part of our lives. We buy them toys. We play with them. Many of us treat them like babies. Like babies, it isn't always easy to know when they aren't feeling well or, even worse, when something is wrong. Thank goodness for the veterinarian.... More

How does magnet therapy help with arthritis?

How Does Magnetic Therapy Help with Arthritis? How does magnetic therapy help with arthritis? This is a question where there are two sides to the answer. Hundreds of people will say it is a gift from the heavens and others will say it is a bunch of "bunk." More people with arthritis are drawn to... More

How to replace a water pump in a vehicle

There are a lot of mis-conceptions regarding water pump replacement. Before attempting to replace a water pump, make sure that the pump is the cause of your problem. If the engine is over-heating it is usually a result of low coolant level which could be caused by a leaking hose, gasket, radiator... More

How to replace a fuel filter

Replacing a fuel filter is, in most cases, a very simple job for the DIY mechanic. If you are experienced at working on your vehicle it may take as little as five minutes. Even a novice mechanic should be able to do the job in less than a half hour. There may be, however, some tricks that are... More