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How to write online articles in second and third person

Writing for readers One of the most important things about writing articles online is that what you write is read worldwide. Using your experience of life, quality articles need to be written in the second or third person point of view to look more professional. Many writers make the mistake of... More

How to write a mystery story

Creating a mystery story Creating a mystery story involves creating a setting, realistic characters, plot, narration, dialogue, and other elements of fiction. The graphic organizers pictured below are a great way to organize your mystery story before you start writing it. Google... More

How to bring reality into a fiction story

Creating realistic settings and characters You will learn how to create realistic settings and characters. You can create realistic characters in fantasy stories and also have fairies like the picture illustrates. You can also create a realistic setting, but you can add settings that aren't in... More

How the way you begin your FaqHow article can negatively affect your rating

Sometimes coming up with an appropriate opening line is the most difficult task when writing. The beginning of a FaqHow article is crucial to success with raters. If you opening does not “hook” the reader/rater in some way, there is the potential that your article may... More

Where to find high paying writing markets

Making a living as a writer is hard. It's a daunting task, trying to find enough steady gigs to pay the bills and make it worth your while to quit your day job. But with a little market research and some well-spent computer time, you can find plenty of high-paying writing markets eager to see... More

What does the Internet offer as a writing project

The Internet is a global publishing outlet that provides many ways to become established as a writer and gain new readers around the world. Any writer can accomplish far more, and get better known online, than would be possible without using the Internet. By understanding what the Internet has to... More

How freelancers make money with article directories

Article directories provide practical ways for freelancers to make money. It is possible for freelancers to make money by submitting to free article directories, as well as by publishing knowledge articles. There are a few article... More

How to get motivated to write on FaqHow

You joined FaqHow because it sounded like a great opportunity to do what you enjoy, write, but you have not written a single article.  What you need to do now is learn how to get motivated to write on FaqHow.  The most important thing to do is become familiar with the site, and all that... More

How to write a joke

So you want to write a joke, eh? It's not an impossible task, because a wise man once told me, "Wherever there's a will, there's a way." Actually, Anna Nicole Smith said that. There you go, I've warmed you up. Now we can jump right into it.Comedy is a simple beast to conquer. That is,... More

How to write a definition paper

A definition paper is a paper which explores a term, such as a policy proposal or a political philosophy. This involves more than simply defining the key concept, but involves a more general discussion of the concept's various meanings and connotations. A definition paper will offer the literal... More