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How to write a mystery story

Creating a mystery story Creating a mystery story involves creating a setting, realistic characters, plot, narration, dialogue, and other elements of fiction. The graphic organizers pictured below are a great way to organize your mystery story before you start writing it. Google... More

How to bring reality into a fiction story

Creating realistic settings and characters You will learn how to create realistic settings and characters. You can create realistic characters in fantasy stories and also have fairies like the picture illustrates. You can also create a realistic setting, but you can add settings that aren't in... More

How to Edit a Novel Manuscript

Editing Can Be A Challenge After you have finished your novel, you are ready to edit. This can be a challenge especially if you are not confident of your English Grammar skills, but you can use Word Perfect to check your grammar. Editing takes time and patience to read through your manuscript... More

How to Write a Haiku

How to write a haiku Haiku is Japanese form of poetry. It contains three lines which do not rhyme. The first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables and the last line has five syllables. Usually, a haiku will be related to nature. A haiku should be rich in... More

How to ship a book cheaper

Tips for shipping books more cheaply Shipping books more cheaply is a great skill to learn if you buy and sell books on E-bay, or just are a prolific reader who is always trying to ship a book for their own collection. Books can be quite costly nowadays, even used ones. Add to that a shipping... More

How to write poetry for beginners

Poetry can be loosely defined as writing in language composed to evoke an emotional response through rhythmic arrangement and creative use of words. Used adjectively, the words poetry or poetic can also be used to describe something that is displayed most eloquently, as in "poetry in motion," or... More

How to write a short story

Writing a short story Are you ready for the challenging and exciting adventure of learning how to write a short story? It's challenging and exciting because you never know what kind of short story idea will pop into your head. When an idea does come to you, and you keep pondering it, you know... More