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How to choose a blog niche

Owning a blog can be both an enjoyable and a profitable experience.  The fact that one wants to start a blog means that the person enjoys writing.  It may also mean that the person wants to earn money while doing what she or he loves.  No matter what the reason behind starting a... More

How to write 20 articles in a day at FaqHow

Writing 20 articles in one day doesn't have to be as daunting as it sounds. It is certainly a goal that is quite achievable if one works for it. The goal is a good way to practice your writing and exsercize your brain. You have just a little over an hour per article if you intend on powering... More

How writing improves self

Writing can improve your life in many different ways. Even though the rewards will not be obvious from the start, there will however be extremely important for your well being, for the entire course of your life. One of those rewards is self-discipline. How writing improves self-discipline... More

How to write a research paper using MLA style

The Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines for research paper writing are challenging, but easy to follow A student writer facing the task of doing a major research paper using MLA guidelines might, at first, feel overwhelmed. However, take a breath, and -- as the saying goes -- "eat the... More

How to leverage a screenplay contest win

What follows are the questions that you must satisfy to make it to round 2 of the 20/20 competition, to be found on the "Let's Do Lunch" site. Their theory, pedantic and somewhat flawed, is that if a screenplay is going to work, then all the successful story elements will be present in... More

How to increase and maintain your FaqHow writing stars

A new FaqHow writer cannot help but admire and envy the rows of 5 blue stars that adorn the names of FaqHow's seasoned writers. They are indicative of both quality and quantity of articles that are written by these writers. The blue writing stars are FaqHow's way of recognizing its most... More

How to start a web blog

It is absolutely imperative that one determine how to start a Web blog in the correct fashion if one is ever likely to know a significant level of success from having the Web blog. Unlike a website, social networking page or pages, or any other form of Web presence, a Web blog requires very... More

How to develop distinct voices for your characters

It is widely touted that anyone who is in the habit of hearing strange voices in their head has some sort of problem which they need to have addressed! As we shall hopefully see, however, this occurrence is not always undesirable and is in fact a major part of particularly the fiction writer's... More

How to tell the length

When you have a novel you're working on, busily piling up pages one after the other, sooner or later you'll find that curious voice in the back of your head whispering, "Show me the money!" This voice, of course, isn't really looking for money but rather how far along you are, how close... More

Simple ways to write more online articles in less time

If you write on a freelance basis you can understand the need to get more done in less time. One of the major benefits of freelance writing is the freedom to work at any time and from any where but that luxury comes at a cost. Freelance writers must learn how to maximize their writing speed if... More