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Helpful tactics to maximize profits when writing FaqHow Marketplace articles

The FaqHow Marketplace offers a real opportunity to earn money as a freelance writer. You can add a nice amount of profit to your writing income by writing FaqHow Marketplace articles, using a few tactics to increase your chances of success.It is a good idea to keep a copy of the guidelines for... More

How to write an erotic romance

Writing erotica romance novels   It's a simple fact that sex sells, the Kama Sutra being one piece of work that has been written and re-written numerous times. While the Kama Sutra can be considered as a textbook, we have developed a taste for seeing sex in movies, and... More

How to write an article with optimized keywords

Keyword optimization made easy If you want your articles to be picked up by the search engines, you must target specific keywords related to the topic and use them strategically in the article. This is especially true if you are writing articles to post to ezines and other article... More

The best strategies for making money at FaqHow

Making decent money writing for FaqHow is a pretty straightforward process. All you have to do is submit reasonably well written articles to empty titles on a fairly regular basis. Everyone on FaqHow knows that in order to make any money on the site you have to get your ratings up so that you can... More

How to be a valuable ghost writer

Ghost writers are hired in a number of circumstances. When most people think of ghost writers they probably picture the person behind the scenes of a celebrity biography and this is actually one of the popular jobs in the ghost writing industry, even though it doesn't account for a large volume... More

How to give photos a vintage look

Stepping back in time Giving a photograph a vintage look is achieved easily, and more so in a digital age than with traditional equipment and cameras. The methods described below are for both medias, and work effectively to produce sepia toned photographs, reminiscent of those... More

How to use stream of consciousness writing

Stream of consciousness writing can be an effective choice for writers who want a narrative mode that extracts particular responses from its readership. While this type of writing is most often found in 'modernistic' literature, such as that of William Faulkner, Virginia Woolf's "Mrs.... More

How to publish your book

Find a publisher Few writers are content just to write, for most, seeing their work in print is the goal; publication validates the hours spent toiling at the keyboard. This article looks at the traditional method of getting a book to print, that of finding a publishing house keen to take your... More

Tips for writing lyrics

Like all other creative processes, lyric writing is best honed through practice. At any level, though, a writer should keep a few points in mind.Lyrics Are Different from "Normal" PoetryOn the surface, song lyrics are just rhyming poems set to music. However, you can't treat the two as... More

How to choose a blog name

Your blog is nowadays the best ways to reach a wider audience. It can help you create a fanbase, earn money and share ideas and experience. And choosing a perfect name for your blog can be challenging. Especially since you want to make sure that the name will suit your blog, the topics you want... More