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How to Edit a Novel Manuscript

Editing Can Be A Challenge After you have finished your novel, you are ready to edit. This can be a challenge especially if you are not confident of your English Grammar skills, but you can use Word Perfect to check your grammar. Editing takes time and patience to read through your manuscript... More

How to create an ebook cover with Gimp

If you are planning to publish your own ebook, a cover can go a long way in getting people to take notice of it. There is the possibility of hiring a graphic designer to create a cover for you, and whilst this can be a reliable way of getting good results it can also be costly. Another... More

How to Write a Haiku

How to write a haiku Haiku is Japanese form of poetry. It contains three lines which do not rhyme. The first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables and the last line has five syllables. Usually, a haiku will be related to nature. A haiku should be rich in... More

How to choose the best point of view for your written story

So you have a great idea for a story but you don't know what style it should be in. As long as you have a basic idea of what you want your story to be about, it's not too hard. There's many different narration styles but they are usually forms of two basic styles. First person and third person.... More

How to conjugate a regular Spanish verb

Learn the pattern of separating the Spanish verb stem and then adding endings In English we conjugate a verb by stating its different forms relating to person, tense, and number, for example -- I speak, I spoke, I will speak, etc. Likewise the forms of regular Spanish verbs (hablar, for example),... More

How to write a conclusion paragraph for an essay

The conclusion paragraph is not simply the “last” paragraph in your essay; it is the elegant “final bow” to your reader that fulfills the promise of your introduction. The conclusion paragraph is not just a restatement of the essay thesis. It represents the writer’s... More


Step-by-step instructions for creating a FaqHow zone A FaqHow zone is a place where FaqHow writers can use a wide variety of content - text, images, videos and more - to showcase a topic of their choice. Zones are quite easy to build but for those who are not computer savvy, taking the first... More

How to write ten FaqHow articles in a day

Writing ten articles in a single day might seem like a gargantuan task but if you follow a structured process you will come to realize that it is actually not that hard. The following steps have a pretty high success rate so have a read and then put them into practice to start churning out... More

How to help spread the word about FaqHow

FaqHow, the site upon which you are presently reading this article, is an article writing site with a difference. Although similar to many others in its structure and lay-out, FaqHow rewards its writers in a variety of different ways and to an extent with which no other similar site can compare.... More

How to earn the FaqHow empty title bonus on every article

FaqHow offers a specific incentive to writers who fill in empty titles. The Empty Title Bonus is one dollar for each title that is filled. Empty titles are ones that are sitting without an article. FaqHow has hundreds of titles currently waiting for someone to add an article and claim the bonus. ... More